Will I have to throw all my clothes away and start from scratch? 

No, with colour analysis and any work I do with you around personal style the aim is to work with what you already have. The idea is that you get rid of the stuff you never wear (nor ever will wear) to create space. You’ll be able to see everything that you keep much more clearly and you will actually love how the remaining items make you feel after the process. 

Will you make me wear colours and clothes that I don’t like? 

No, the whole point of working with me is to find your absolute best colours and create your authentic personal style. Remember, I want to help you look good and feel fabulous so that you can go conquer the world! 

Will I have to spend lots of money on new clothes? 

We will usually start with what you already have and see how it can be tweaked. There might be a few key pieces to add that will work with what you already have and make your wardrobe more versatile as you develop your personal style and get used to wearing your best colours. 

Can I pay in instalments? 

I do offer payment plans on all of my colour and styling services. If that would help with your budgeting just ask. I occasionally have special offers too - you can make sure that you are kept in the loop by joining my mailing list at the bottom of the page. Remember to join my members only closed Facebook group and follow me on social media for free hints and tips each day.  

What actually happens during a consultation?  

The first part of any style or colour consultation is a cuppa and a chat. I need to know what you are hoping to get out of your time with me so I'll ask lots of questions. It helps me to understand where you are coming from and the best way for us to work together as we plan your bespoke journey. Check out the case study blogs - get it from the horses mouth. 

Do you do talks and presentations? 

I love doing talks and presentations on all aspects of style, colour and personal branding! I'm happy to stand up and deliver to large or small groups. I can create bespoke training packages for training and development purposes.  

You are too far away for me but I'd love to work with you. 

Aha! This is where the internet comes in. As long as you have a phone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection distance is not a problem. You can still look good and feel fabulous by connecting with me online - follow me on social media, sign up for my online members club and/or a virtual one to one personal style consultation.  

Does colour analysis work for Asian/Black skin? 

Absolutely! The principles of colour analysis apply whatever your skin tone. It's always about your unique combination of skin, hair and eyes. When you wear the colours that suit you best you'll have a lovely glow and shadows are eliminated - it's like magic! 

Do you come to my house?  

I can do home visits depending on the service you require and distance. The most important thing with Colour Analysis for example, is good, natural daylight so that has to be considered. I'm based in Nottingham and further afield would incur a charge for mileage. We can figure out the details when you book your package

Do you work with all shapes and sizes? 

Absolutely yes! Everyone has their own, unique body shape, size and proportions. Shape is one of the key areas we would look at to figure out your best styles that enhance and flatter you and disguise the things you aren't so happy with. We're all different but you're perfectly you. 

How long before I see results? 

You can apply the advice from your session(s) immediately based on what you already have in your wardrobe. You might have a wishlist to fill the gaps and want to go shopping but it's not always essential to do that before you start to see a transformation. 
Also, I offer ongoing support via my WTF Club to all my clients as part of the one to one packages. It's like having your own personal stylist on tap and a safe, supportive space to ask questions. 

Will I have to get naked? 

No, I can work with your body shape analysis and personal styling with your clothes on just fine. If you are having a colour analysis session or a make-up session you will need to be bare-faced though. 

Will I have to wear make up every day to look better? 

Absolutely not, if you don’t like wearing make-up that’s fine. When you have your colour analysis done you will have a natural radiance as the colours you wear enhance your skin tone. 
If you are interested in learning my tips and tricks for make up though you might want to check out my Make Up Maven Masterclass. or read my blog Make up Tips 

Will I have to get rid of things I love wearing? 

My aim is to work with you so that you develop your personal style and learn what colours and clothes make you look and feel good. If you have something that you love wearing I expect it makes you feel good…so no. 

Why are you qualified to help me? 

I've been involved with colour, make up, textiles and fashion since the early 80's...thankfully I've kept up with the times and won't make you wear shoulder pads or dress like Bananarama though! My skills, knowledge and experience have been honed over 30 years...but more than that I'm compassionate and approachable.  
I am not the fashion police and I'm not into giving someone a makeover so they look nice for that day but can't replicate it for everyday life - I like to teach my tips and tricks around colour and style so you look good and feel fab every day.  

I'm losing weight, is it best to wait? 

Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Don't wait - you deserve to feel fabulous regardless of your size. Once you have learned what colours and styles suit you and why, you can make informed decisions whatever your weight - life's too short to wait to feel fantastic.  
Read my blog about Tryer Tracey 

Could you tailor make a 'Style & Pamper Day' for me and a friend? 

Of course I can! Let's have a chat about what you'd like to cover and we'll take it from there. We could do a morning/afternoon or even a full day. We could do your colours, work out your innate style personality, styles and shapes to suit, accessories and make up. In fact, we could even work through my 4 Step programme - exciting! What a fab treat day! Ring me 07975853245 to chat about what you fancy. 

What do you recommend I do first? 

It's tricky for me to advise without really knowing what you want to achieve around colour and your personal style. I work with clients at 3 levels depending on their needs and budget: 
1. Free hints, tips and advice on social media and my blog
2. Online members club with masterclasses and group support. 
3. One to one bespoke packages to suit individual needs around personal styling, colour, body shape, personal branding etc 
Why don't you get in touch and we can have a no obligation chat to get you started. Tel 07975853245 

Do you only work with women? 

My one to one packages work for all genders. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you with colour and styling to create the best first impression (for business, online dating or just in general) you can use the contact me button to send me a message or give me a call 07975853245. It's up to you, I'll look forward to hearing from you either way. 

I'm interested, what's the next step? 

You can use the contact me button to send me a message or give me a call 07975853245. It's up to you, I'll look forward to hearing from you either way. How exciting! 

I'm looking for a complete personal image rebrand, can you help? 

Oooh yes! This is why I created my Look the Business package, it joins the dots so that your brand covers the 3 C's - cohesive, consistent and congruent. We'll work together to ensure that you're are portraying the right kind of image that aligns with your message and you look the part, whatever that means to you.  
I'd advise you start this work before you engage with your graphic designer, web designer and photographer - it will give you clarity and direction for those processes. 
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