Helping you express your identity & hone the language of colour, image & style - with sass!  

Scarf Selfie eBook £5 

Scarf Selfie E-Book Lockdown 2020…a different scarf for 31 days, scarf tying and other style tips and advice PLUS the bonus e-book 5 Powerful Ways to Apply Colour Magic for just £5.  
I’m donating 20% of my profits from this to NHS Charities Together for their COVID19 urgent appeal. 

Make Up for Your Fab 40+ Years £38 

Helping you apply make up with confidence - step by step. 
Really easy to access video tutorials on your phone, tablet or PC. My tips and how to videos in short bitesized chunks literally at your fingertips. 
No log in details required and immediate lifetime access. 
" Love it! Have learnt so much from your make-up tutorials" Margaret 
"What's brilliant about this is the bite sized pieces! No need to write notes or remember all the details. Lisa next to you, stop start as you need." Diana 
" I can't believe how much I learned from facts to tips on how to apply different products." Daphne 
"I'm so pleased I signed up, it's a brilliant course. I'm learning loads." Jo 
Get instant access to the full program for just £38 

Suss Your Style Online Program £57 

Are you in a style rut, wearing the same clothes on repeat? 
I know that you want to look nice and feel good in your clothes. The problem is you buy more stuff, often impulse buys, which ultimately adds to the other stuff in your wardrobe that never wear. 
I understand that you probably would like to change the way you feel about your relationship with your wardrobe. 
You’d like to be free of feeling adrift with your personal style, not quite knowing how to put everything together so that you’re the one who your friends and colleagues think “She always looks nice.” 
You’d like to find it easier to get dressed in nice outfits that really suit you and make you feel good; while having the freedom to be creative and express who you are with confidence. 
You can stop the mindless rifling through the rails and scattergun approach to clothes shopping. No more wasting money on things you won’t wear. You’ll have a clearer idea of what you like and why you like it, an insight to your personal style choices. So that you buy fewer items yet wear more of your wardrobe and become style savvy. 

Capsule Wardrobe 101 

Over 100 outfits created with just 33 items!  
No more stressing about what to wear - handy  
e-styling manual to view on your phone or tablet providing daily inspiration.  
It's your blueprint to dressing with ease. 
Get it straight to your inbox now for the 'Lockdown Price' of just £19. Use the Coupon Code CV19 

Capsule Plus Size Smart Casual 

Over 40 smart casual outfits from just 22 items! 
Dress with intent rather than in tents this Spring. The Capsule Collection has been created with a curvy girl in mind... 
One who would prefer her clothes to skim and flatter around the belly and the bum. Dress to honour and make the most of your curves so you are full of self confidence as opposed to self conscious.  
I've even done the sourcing for you! This collection has shopping links to the all items included. 
Get it the e-styling manual straight to your inbox today for the 'Lockdown Price' of just £19. Use the Coupon Code CV19 

Colour Analysis Readings 

Wearing your best colours will illuminate your skin and bring out the colour of your eyes whilst others will make you look tired and can be ageing. 
I am a total colour geek and absolutely LOVE showing people the power of colour. 
I offer one to one, small group and online consultations using the most advanced system with 18 colour groups you won't find anywhere else. 
The price includes a peronalised swatch of 50 colours and an accompanying guide booklet PLUS lifetime access to my exclusive Absolute Colour Club for ongoing support relating to all your colour quandaries. 
Once you've made your purchase I'll be in touch to arrange your session. 
£147 online £197 in a small group or £247 1:1 
Not ready to book just yet?  
Check out my blogs for tips 

VIP Premium Package 

You're a busy lady, you have a successful career, you're competent and confident - really good at what you do. 
You'd love to have that same level of confidence in knowing that you always look (and feel) amazing but you have doubts sometimes. 
You've tried a personal shopper a couple of times and it turned out ok, but you never felt like they actually got to know you or could help you express your yourself properly. 
You get frustrated with yourself because you feel like getting dressed shouldn't be hard work. You'd like to open your wardrobe and for it to be full of clothes that are just right, not trial and error. 
You want this style thing all sorted and you want it in person, with a hands on approach from me, in front of your wardrobe. You're ready to invest in yourself because you deserve to look and feel the business. 
This package includes: 
Style Journey Coaching 
Colour Analysis 
Style Personality Assessment 
Signature Style Guidelines 
Figure Flattering Styling Assessment 
Levels of Dressing Guidelines 
Finishing Touches 
Style Concept Moodboards 
Virtual Personal Shopping 
Style Statement Strategy 
Shop Your Wardrobe Practical Styling 
Make up Lesson 
2 full day intensive sessions 
12 months online support 
Book a free clarity call to see if this would be the right fit for you. 
Message me 

Project 2020 

We’ll cover everything you need to know to define and refine your personal style on this journey to sustainable transformation; honouring your unique colouring, style, body shape and lifestyle so that you are comfortably and confidently expressing yourself. 
Looking good, feeling fab and totally empowered! 
#Project2020 is for anyone who feels like they are still work in progress in terms of their style and image. 
It will be a game changing investment, working with me over a 12 month period for the same price as a daily coffee. 
Getting dressed can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be – at all! I'll guide you through my processes so you feel supported, enlightened and empowered to make your own style decisions with ease. Engaging over the year will ensure results that make you feel amazing. 
As a by product you will also save time and money and eliminate wardrobe mistakes. 

Style Strategy Call  

It's one of those what shall I wear moments and you just need a bit of input from an expert because you've been going round in circles. 
You need advice and you need it now. 
Book in a call with me (video or phone) and let me help with your clothing quandary. 
£99 for a 45 minute quick fix session 
Get in touch to book your date  
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