Project FAB!   

I know that you want to look good in your clothes and just feel like yourself again. You want to be the best version of you. 
In order to be that you need to get out of this rut you have found yourself in and shake your wardrobe up a bit (ok, a lot). 
The problem is you’re not sure where to start and this makes you feel a bit flat and frustrated, besides which you keep wasting money on stuff you never wear. 
You've probably spent ages putting other things/folk first and now it's YOUR time to prioritise YOU. 
You're ready to take action and be more you than you have been for a very long time - time to reconnect with yourself. 
It's time to feel like you're truly saying who you are with how you look - the outside reflecting what's on the inside. 
NEVER underestimate the power of colour and clothes. 
It's time to invest in YOU. 
Find YOUR style 
Gain insight to your relationship with your wardrobe so that you feel empowered to express who you are on the inside and dress with confidence. 
Clarity - Develop awareness of how to express your identity mindfully. 
Insight -Take a deep dive into exploring your style influences. 
Confidence - Define the fundamentals of your unique personal style recipe. 
Arm yourself with the skills and know how to create the change you know you are ready to make so that you FEEL ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! 

Project FAB! £1500 

This program for personal style and image confidence is a wonderful blend of online self-study, community support and fortnightly group training and coaching with me. It's designed to help you truly define and refine your personal style, have fun with like minded women as you experiment, explore, and get your mojo back in a non judgey safe space. 
It's initially a 12 month package but most members stay on much longer because they get so much from it. You set the pace that suits you. 
Project FAB! 12 month group membership 
Fortnightly group training & coaching session 
Community support 365 days per year 
Personal colour analysis inc swatch 
Super Savvy Style online course resources 
Access to Project FAB! vault with 100+ hours of training on all kinds of topics at your fingertips to browse at your leisure 
If you're a woman in business ADD 12 month membership to the 
"I am now exploring my own style identity and loving it." Karen 

ELEVATE! £6000 

For amazing women in business who ARE their brand. This is the ultimate personal brand identity package for presenting your most fabulous self in your business and life in general. 
• You're a busy lady, you have a successful business, you're competent and confident - really good at what you do. 
• You're ready to have that same unshakeable level of confidence in knowing that you and your business always look (and feel) amazing. 
• You are ready to step things up a notch and want to aesthetically reflect your awesomeness across the board – headshots, graphics, website etc. 
• You’re ready to be rocking and OWNING your look, feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin. 
• You are ready to feel liberated and stand true in your self-expression. 
• You might’ve tried a personal shopper or other stylist before and it turned out ok, but you never felt like they actually got to know you or could help you express who you truly are at your core. 
• You get frustrated sometimes because deciding what to wear can be hard work. 
• You worry you might be in a rut, playing it safe and secretly want to experiment with your look. 
• You'd like to open your wardrobe and for it to be full of clothes that are just right, not trial and error. 
• You want to LOOK GOOD and FEEL FABULOUS by experiencing a bespoke 1:1 package that enables you to gain clarity around your personal style essence AND brand identity so that you are saying something about who YOU truly are as a woman in business. 
Imagine how it will feel to represent yourself cohesively, and congruently with visuals that are truly aligned and authentically you. We will take a deep dive with this bespoke 1:1 package over a 12-month period which provides maximum impact, along with sustainable results as you will have time to process and implement the concepts while still under my wing.  
Let's have a virtual coffee to see what would be the best fit for you. 
"It has given me confidence and the permission to wear clothes  
that give me pleasure." Sarah 

The Magic Wand Series £5k 

These packages will have you feeling like I'm your personal fairy godmother waving a magic wand!  
From sourcing specially selected items that work with your colouring, body shape, style personality and lifestyle, to curating outfits and creating bespoke seasonal capsule collections... 
You'll be inspired to explore and experiment with new styles, mixing and matching with existing treasured pieces with styling advice from me when you need it.  
If you'd like to join find out more book in a call and we'll take it from there...hope to chat soon. 
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