Suss Your Style in 30 Days £57  

Learn about yourself and your personal style in a gently structured way. 
Challenging the way, you think and feel about yourself and your wardrobe the Suss Your Style programme includes 30 days of prompts to guide your reflection, inviting you to investigate things that may be influencing it and explore new ideas. 
You’ll have a clearer idea of what you like and why you like it, an insight to your personal style choices. So that you buy fewer items yet wear more of your wardrobe and become style savvy. 
"I feel that I can put a 'me' outfit together easily." Sue 

Super Savvy Style £197 

You’d like to find it easier to get dressed in nice outfits that really suit you and make you feel good; to get out of the rut you're in and express who you are with more personal style.  
By working through the 4 elements of my tried and tested system in my foundation level self-study online programme you will gain clarity and confidence about what works for you and why.  
Downloadable resources support the bite sized video content that you watch to suit your schedule. 
" The way I dress is an expression of my personality and feelings." Diana 

Project FAB! £747 

I know that you want to look good in your clothes and just feel like yourself again. You want to be the best version of you. 
In order to be that you need to get out of this rut you have found yourself in and shake your wardrobe up a bit (ok, a lot). 
The problem is you’re not sure where to start and this makes you feel a bit flat and frustrated, besides which you keep wasting money on stuff you never wear. 
This program for personal style and image confidence is a blend of online self-study, community support and group coaching to help you truly define and refine your personal style, have fun with like minded women as you experiment, explore, and get your mojo back in a non judgey safe space.  
It's initially a 6 month package, you set the pace that suits you.  
Weekly group coaching session 
Community support 
Personal colour analysis (value £167) 
and the BONUS Super Savvy Style course resources (value £197) 
"I am now exploring my own style identity and loving it." Karen 

Project FAB! PLUS from £2097 

You're a busy lady, you have a successful career, you're competent and confident - really good at what you do. You'd love to have that same level of confidence in knowing that you always look (and feel) amazing but you have doubts sometimes.  
You've tried a personal shopper a couple of times and it turned out ok, but you never felt like they actually got to know you or could help you express your yourself properly. You get frustrated with yourself because you feel like getting dressed shouldn't be hard work.  
You'd like to open your wardrobe and for it to be full of clothes that are just right, not trial and error. You want this style thing all sorted and you want a bespoke 1:1 package that enables you to gain clarity around your personal style essence so that you are saying something about who YOU truly are.  
6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (inc a full colour analysis value £167)  
PLUS the community support and weekly group coaching (value £747) 
with the BONUS Super Savvy Style course resources too (value £197) 
Project FAB! PREMIUM from £3497 - this package includes ALL of the above PLUS a day together where we can go through your wardrobe, trawl the shops or a combo of both - your choice! 
Let's have a virtual coffee to see what would be the best fit for you. 
"It has given me confidence and the permission to wear clothes  
that give me pleasure." Sarah 

The Magic Wand Series from £5k 

These packages will have you feeling like I'm your personal fairy godmother waving a magic wand!  
From sourcing specially selected items that work with your colouring, body shape, style personality and lifestyle, to curating outfits and creating bespoke seasonal capsule collections... 
You'll be inspired to explore and experiment with new styles, mixing and matching with existing treasured pieces with styling advice from me when you need it.  
If you'd like to join find out more book in a call and we'll take it from there...hope to chat soon. 
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