I don't have the wardrobe wobbles any more 

The results I saw were instant and incredible. People compliment how I look so much more often and I feel ‘right’ when I’m delivering a speech at an important event which helps me perform better, I feel more professional and at the same time, I still feel authentically me, much more than before. I don’t have the wardrobe wobbles anymore – where I stand there, minutes to go before I need to leave screaming “arrrggghh! I don’t know what to put on!!!” I get dressed quickly, easily, and confidently; everything in my wardrobe makes sense and goes together and all the styles and colours suit me perfectly, I don’t have to think about it much at all. I didn’t even have to spend much on new stuff, just a few clever pieces to bring it all together. 
-Pam Burrows FPSA, Motivational Facilitator & Speaker 

It was an absolute journey! 

I really enjoyed my sessions with Lisa, not only did we talk about colours suited me, but spent a lot of time talking about my re-brand, my ideal customer and the being confident in the skin you are in. Lisa is honest, which is so refreshing and made me examine my entire life purpose. It was an absolute journey! 
- Debbie Clarke, Digital Coach & Brand Strategist 

 I always feel amazing! 

After a loss of 4 stone I invested in a package with the lovely Lisa Newport ...I had my colour analysis, understood my body shape and defined my clothing personality style and a wardrobe weed ... I now know that everything in my wardrobe fits me, suits me colour wise and shape and it all goes together. I feel that I am me, wearing my personality and and I always feel amazing! 
-Vicky Stanton, Business & Executive Coach 

I certainly feel more confident. 

I felt bland and middle aged... I guess I had become a beige person. Working with Lisa is great fun! I’ve started putting different colours together, something I wouldn’t have done before. Saved money by using my existing clothes in different colour combinations. I certainly feel more confident. No more beige for me! Thanks for opening my eyes in more ways than one. Lisa is knowledgable, fun and aFeel that I am me, wearing my personality true expert in her field of colour and style 
-Karen Chappell, Pain Management Specialist 

 I'd kinda lost the "Me" in my wardrobe 

I love colour, I like clothes and I love my business. However, having dressed in a particular way for work because it was expected, at 48 I'd kinda lost the "ME" in my wardrobe. Working with Lisa was an absolute joy. I did her online program which was wonderful and I worked out my style personality (dramatic) and I thought I had a handle on what suited me but I made a few disastrous choices. So I decided i needed the colour analysis service and I can honestly say its the best money I've spent on my wardrobe. Everything in my wardrobe coordinates so whatever I pull out will suit me. I don't have to over think it. Wherever I go people tell me I look lovely and I'm wearing colours I never thought would suit me. I've had to ditch a few old faves but that's ok its brought me up to date and I feel fantastic. I also know how to pull it together to look the part for work. I look approachable, trustworthy and smart but project my personality better than I ever did which means I attract clients I love to work with. Lisa is firm and sensible but warm, kind and encouraging. I can't recommend her services highly enough. 
-Katherine Bellchambers, Medical Herbalist 

I'm walking with more swagger because I'm feeling more confident. 

I realised that I've been getting more compliments in the last fortnight and the penny finally dropped...it’s because I'm wearing colours and clothes that suit me. I'm walking with more swagger because I'm feeling more confident. 
I did Lisa's workshop in January . For anyone who is contemplating either doing the workshop or working with Lisa, let me say DO IT. She really knows her stuff. For the first time in ever, I feel feminine and dressing is easy because I know whatever I pull out of my wardrobe fits me and suits me. 
Thank you Lisa as the difference in such a short space of time is unbelievable!! 
-Tracey Prescod, Property Manager 

 I have had no end of compliments 

Since my colour analysis I have had no end of compliments about how 'fresh' or 'well' I look. I have learnt which colours suit me and brighten up my look, which is especially needed at the end of a hard days work when I am feeling tired and worn out. I have also been taught how to 'accessorise' . My favourite new look is wearing a little neck scarf which totally lifts my complexion. Thanks Lisa for your excellent colour and accessory advice. 
-Shamila Eadon, Primary Teacher 

 You are a miracle worker 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Online Course and got so much out of it. I now know my colours, my personal style. This is going to save me so much money in the future and was well worth the small investment. Thank you Lisa for making me look and feel so much better. You are a miracle worker! 
- Mandy Smith, CWP Consultant 

 It's changed my life! 

Best thing ever when you did my colours - I'm warm spring and I'm wearing colours I never wore previously and feel amazing wearing them! It's changed my life! 
-Jackie Wilson, Founder : Empower Education 

What's not to love! 

WTF Club what's not to love! Besides the access to the wonderful Lisa, it's like having a bunch of friends in the changing rooms with you; friends who will be honest but kind, understand your uncertainties, give you constructive feedback. The monthly investment is repaid tenfold in the money you save by not making costly mistakes. Worth every penny! 
- Gill Grigg, Combined Therapies Practictioner 

The whole afternoons findings really are the icing on my cake! 

Lisa took me through a precise process with lots of extra little gems of knowledge along the way.Lisa clearly is steeped in knowledge about the science of colour and her work heritage compliments the whole experience. 
I was elated to discover that some of my colour swatch were already part of my wardrobe,and were favourite colours but many will be new additions to my shopping search.I adore clothes shopping and the whole afternoons findings really are the icing on my cake. 
It is evident this is Lisa's passion and this experience can change your life and open up new levels of confidence. 
- Claire Gore, Reflexologist 

On point, feel good and fun! 

Thanks to Lisa Newport, I now think about what I'm going to wear before I wear it - even if it doesn't look like it! I'm very shy in everything I do, colour, makeup and clothes wise - but Lisa has a knack of bringing that all out of you in a flash. 
Her bubbly fun character makes you warm to her instantly, so what's not to like about making you feel good! I now feel good - still shy - but good! 
Lisa's services are on-point, feel-good and fun! Her fun, fashion, colour, style coach service is a must for everyone! 
- Angela Bolster, Virtual Assistant 

Feeling more positive and confident than I have been in years!! 

What an amazing afternoon with Lisa! I had my colours done many years ago so it was good to refresh what I had learned then but Lisa took it to a whole new level. Her insight, knowledge, enthusiasm and different approach has left me feeling more positive and confident than I have been in years! Thank you so much, Lisa! 
- Amanda Langsford, Family Law Solicitor 

Lisa really helped me to be the real me instead of hiding away 

Lisa is a very warm down to earth lady who immediately got to the heart of who I am and what my true style is , as well as getting my colour palette done , I now know what really suits me and what to stay away from, Lisa really helped me to be the real me instead of hiding away. No black for me ( well on the top half anyway) , this lady knows her stuff , I can highly recommend her. 
- Andrea Horsley, Witch, Spiritual Teacher & Energy Healer 

 Very Empowering 

Lisa has been so helpful in enabling me to re-define my colours, to find my style for this phase of my life and to overhaul my make-up. Her professional, non-judgemental, practical approach along with her abundant knowledge, sense of fun and enthusiasm make all her workshops and consultation sessions very enjoyable. I felt that Lisa just really understood what I needed - she encouraged me to expand and explore my style horizons. I loved that her advice and explanations were so practical and evidence-based, that she demonstrated what worked for me and what clearly didn't, but also showed me how to build on what I'd learnt so that I could develop my own style for myself. Very empowering - thanks Lisa! 
-Felicity Whittle, Tourist Guide 

I learnt how to dress and really feel like ME! 

I had a wardrobe full of clothes but never anything to wear. I would sometimes sit & weep in frustration if I had to pick an outfit for a do or to pack for a break/holiday. I had a real mishmash of colours & styles because I used to work in an office but haven't for ages. I'd kept hold of items that cost me a lot but never really wear again, & nothing went together. I approached Lisa to have my colours done first, as I was unsure that I knew which best suited me. Lisa came across as professionally very qualified but fun & easy to get on with. I found I trusted her advice very quickly. The colour analysis was gifted by my hubby who knew I needed some help. After that, I was off. Couldn't hold me back with my wonderful palette of colours. Lots of buying but also lots of clearing away. Through fun online challenges/quizzes , I learnt more about MY style & how to really dress & feel like ME! I also learnt about makeup, which previously I had shunned. Now I receive lots of compliments about how I look, not just what I am wearing. My confidence in other areas of my life has also been boosted. Work, socially & with friends. I would & have recommended Lisa to friends & family. Lisa just helps you to find what works with YOU and if you like something, how to wear it! 
- Sue McFarlane, Complementary Therapist  

You need this workshop! 

Reflecting on a fabulous day with my colour coordinated style file from the workshop! Enjoyed every minute and loved being your 10 step make up model. If like me you've never understood the 'capsule concept' for clothes you need this workshop! All became clear and I now know that my next bit of clothes buying whether it be from charity shops, sales or what I would consider indulgent full price investment purchases will be purposeful and economical! Really pleased that a friend let me in on the secret of the Style Sisterhood Group and the 21 Day challenge. Never looked back! Lisa is an inspiration and the group is great (and free to join!). 
- Diana Pasek Atkinson MBA FRSA, Enterprise Adviser NTU  

I have had so many positive comments 

Lisa is fantastic at what she does! My friends said any one who could get me out of jeans and not wearing black would deserve a medal. Well Lisa has done that. We have done a wardrobe weed ... Looked at colours and styles that flatter and introduced different textures and shapes in to my wardrobe. For the first time in 20 years I have bought tights and leggings and been out in a dress. Friends have said I have lost loads of weight but I have only lost half a stone. The difference is mainly in styles of clothing and combinations of clothing items and looking at necklines, the cut of fabric and some pattern without it becoming totally not me. I would thoroughly recommend a session or two with Lisa. An ideal gift for someone special too! She is easy to work with and has a great eye for colour and design and a fabulous sense of humour. Thanks for a great day 
- Louise Holland, Early Years Education 

An absolute pleasure to spend time with! 

I've always been interested in how colours can change how we look and feel. I hadn't worked with anyone because I assumed they'd want me to replace my whole wardrobe! But not with Lisa. She knows most women haven't fortunes to pay out for a whole new wardrobe of clothes and so she helps you work with what you have while adding a few new pieces in as and when it suits. In fact, it's far more cost effective to work with Lisa than keep paying our for clothes that never quite look right! Plus, she's an absolute pleasure to spend time with! 
- Gemma Hills, Overcoming Bullying Together 

Lisa offers her advice freely and genuinely 

I attended Lisa's '5 Steps from Glum to Glam' one-day workshop and immediately followed it with her 21 Day Style Challenge online. I had lost confidence with how I look and had lost my identity following extended ill-health, and I couldn't work out how to 'be myself' with what I wore.  
Since joining in I can honestly say that my entire attitude towards clothes and dressing has been completely revamped, and the experience has not only made me more confident with how I dress, have more fun with my clothes and discover that I actually have loads of gorgeous clothes already (who knew?!?), but also has had profound and completely unexpected effects on my mood, my confidence and self-esteem, and how I see myself as a person.  
I had wondered whether looking into style and clothes (note: not 'fashion') was a bit frivolous and shallow, particularly as I have limited energy and was worried it would wear me out rather than perk me up, but it really is true that how you dress changes how you feel.  
I've learnt loads of style tips that I can implement immediately without even spending any money, like I can wear skinnies, wearing a slick of lippy and a funky scarf completely changes an outfit, dresses, earrings and heels aren't just for best, I don't just have to wear black tops, I love mustard and orange and skater dresses really do suit me :D  
The Facebook group is so friendly and supportive, Lisa offers her comments and advice freely and genuinely, and it really is "like having a lovely friend in your bedroom while you are having a trying on session". I can't wait to see what new outfits these ladies discover and how we all develop our own personal style. Viva La Red Slippers!!! 
- Jenny Billings, CEO Decadent Dragonfly 

It is like spending quality time with a good friend and gaining the confidence to be who you can be! 

Had a great day with Lisa on Wednesday - colour analysis, looking at appropriate styles for a new business image following a career change, and make up lesson. I had my "colours done" almost thirty years ago and thought I knew what suited and what did not, but I had forgotten the whole warm and cool thing, and was amassing clothes and make up in the wrong shades as well as the right ones. Lisa pushed me back onto the right track, and I have since purged my wardrobe of all offending shades. What is left now actually works and less clothes feels oddly like more! 
The make up lesson was also a revelation, as you do tend to get into a rut and repeat what you always do. It's a strangely personal thing, and it was good to get advice from someone who wasn't try to sell you a product. 
Lisa also put together a number of style boards, which she sent me after the session, which have inspired me to be a bit more adventurous. I am now going to shop more strategically but with more of an open mind about what I can actually pull off. 
Thank you Lisa for your great hospitality, sound advice and honesty. Ladies of a certain age - I do recommend this - it is like spending quality time with a good friend and gaining the confidence to be who you can be! 
- Jane Jones, Art Curator 

 I even felt fab going to ASDA 

Spent a very enjoyable few hours with Lisa having my colours done where I learned I was definitely an autumn (not a spring as told by someone else years ago!) Got home and turfed out all the black - well 99% of it, and went shopping yesterday. Pleased to find so many brick reds and olive greens - need to hunt down other colours. Had lots of lovely compliments since I got my colours done, and only black I've worn since being 'done' is a pair of skinny jeans, running gear and underwear! As a lifetime wearer of black this is a big step for me. I even felt fab going to ASDA yesterday in my colours... Do it ladies, you won't regret it! 
- Jacqui Dean FEPAA, PA  





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