The gorgeous view from Buckminster Barn where I delivered a talk on Style Personality 12 July 2019 
Action shot from the beginning of my talk at Athena group Long Eaton 11 July 2019 
All set up and ready to speak about Colour and Style at Shelford WI  
BBC Radio Nottingham just waiting to go on air as a Loose Lady 28th June 2019 
Speaking at Sherwood WI 25th June 2019 
Notts TV 6th June 2019 
Honeymoon fun 
My ladies in red 
Our wedding May 2019 
Our wedding May 2019 
Delivering a new talk about Personal Brand at the recently formed PSA East Midlands meeting (Professional Speaking Association) 
BBC Radio Nottingham 15 March 2019 as a Loose Lady! 
Speaking about Personal Brand at Athena Network meeting West Bridgford March 2019 
It's around 18 months since I added any colour to my hair. I decided to add some magenta back Feb 2019 
Wedding Fair antics Feb 2019, me, Paul and my soon to be step-daughter Lucille. 
All set up ready to speak about Style Personality at Donington WI April 2019 
All set up and ready to deliver my talk on How Your Pants Affect Your Confidence at Rainbows Feb 2019 
Sue in her autumn colours and Pauline in her summer ones at my Tropic skincare launch Mar 2019 
Excited to be trialling contact lenses Dec 2018 
Selfie in the Council House Nottingham after registering our notice of marriage Nov 2018  
Our 'official' engement photo Nov 2018 
Me and my mentor Brad Burton on the Write a Bestselling Book workshop 
Christmas 2018  
Notts TV Nov 2018 
Fire & Glass Walk Nov2018 
Nov 2018.  
Nov 2018 
Nov 2018 
Nov 2018  
Nov 2018 
Swish Sept 2018 
Swish Sept 2018  
Swish Sept 2018 
No, I've not gone mad! This is the end result of a make up look that I did demonstrating common mistakes I see. Check out FB to see the video. 
Delivering a one day workshop in the community on colour theory. This part was showing the learners just how many colours can be mixed from the 3 primaries.  
21 Day Style Challenge on the 7th of July 2018 it was denim day. Here we are at the 5 Steps Workshop - it was soooo hot! L to R Pauline Webb, Pam Burrows, me and Sue McFarlane  
30 June 2018  
Me with Imogen Lamport, the inspirational speaker at the FIPI Conference (Federation of Image Professionals).  
30 June 2018  
Me with Gail Morgan who I did my colour analysis training with at the FIPI Conference in London 
Some of my clients who are also fellow Athena group members, you may have benefited from their services if you've been a raffle winner at a Swish? L to R Karen Chapell, Vicky Stanton, Karen Cureton & Felicity Whittle - can you tell which season they each belong to?  
May 2018 - Here's me with the memoir mentor and author Cassie Farren at her one day event to teach us about becoming inspirational authors 
May 2018 - Here's me with Geraldine Wijsbeek from Holland while being models for the day on a photoshoot for Fashion Feng Shui. She connected with me via *FIPI that I became a member of in March, she's an ex president and still heavily involved. *Federation of Image Professionals Inernational. 
May 2018 - Me with Sue Donnelly, also an ex president of FIPI, who was also involved in the photo shoot. In Fashion Feng Shui terms Geraldine and I are Fire and Sue is Wood...interesting concept.  
April 2018 I've signed up to be an advisor for Colour Me Beautiful at Home. Great range of make up that is prescribed for you based on your colours! Here's me modelling the navy eyeliner & mascara, 
Using the navy instead of my usual black eyeliner and mascara from the CMB@Home range. I think it makes my eyes look bluer. 
The gorgeous purple bag that I got with my CMB@Home kit. #omg! 
Proudly showing off my new banner with my photos made by Ursula Kelly 
Second swish of April 2018 over in Leicester with Jacqui Dean rasing funds for Ovacome 
Jacqui introducing me as the speaker before we opned the swish. 
The top of my head as I address everyone at the swish from the steps 
Serious swishing going on here at Maggie's Nottingham. 
Raising money for Maggie's Nottingham at our Swish April 2018 - £1265 raised  
Maggie's centre Nottingham  
Finally we get to Swish on 14th April after being snowed off twice! Here's me with Liz and Lauren from the Maggie's centre Nottingham 
The kitchen table laden with homemade cakes. Everyone enjoying thr refreshments before getting down to the serious business of swishing 
Step 2 - colour, the warm table 
Quick selfie while they're all concentrating on step 2 of the 5 steps to effortless style  
Step 5 covers accessories - balnce, scale and proportion  
5 Steps to Effortless Style March 2018 - room all set and ready to go 
5 Steps class of March 2018 - step 2 the cutting and sticking on the cool table 
5 Steps class of March 2018 - step 2 the cutting and sticking on the warm table  
Paul, as the fire was lit ready for the Maggie's centre Nottingham fundraising fire walk! He looks a bit nervous to me. 
The embers have died down and he's ready to fire walk as the final phase of our fundraising efforts for Nov 2018 in my mum's memory. #TeamChristine 
My friend Sara and Paul as they start their fire walk training to raise money for Maggie's Nottingham. Luckily for both of them orange is one of their colours.  
OMG! He's actually walking on proud! 
Enjoying the post fire walk refreshments. 
Bit mucky post fire walk but no blisters 
The total raised in advance from the Swish and donated directly to The Wigan and Leigh Hospice who looked after my so wonderfully. Plus gift aid to be added to this total...there's also Paul's fire walk Money to which I added the raffle profits from the Swish which made his total over £600 for Maggie's Nottingham. 
The reason why our fundraising during 2017 was such a personal cause. #TeamChristine 
When you get the bug and book in dates to do it all over again in the dates (and your clothes) Saturday 3rd March and 29th Sept 2018. These Swish events are a great thing to follow on after a wardrobe weed, colour analysis or style workshop. 
Tania AKA The Sherwood Seamstress ready to talk business at the Swish 11.11.17 with the local Nottingham ladies.  
Pre Swishing refreshments and chat 11.11.17 
Pre Swishing refreshments and chat 11.11.17 
Here's a photo of Vicky at our Athena Nottingham networking group wearing 2 of her swish items- scarf and cardi. Looking great! 
A small selection of some of the 44 amazing raffle prizes we secured from local businesses across Nottingham and the East Midlands. Thanks to everyone for being so generous.  
A photo of Deborah looking fabulous in one of her swishes.  
3 Clients all in one room at a 4N Networking Nottingham lunch meeting! Incidentally all spring palettes. 
Until I was self employed I had no idea that people all over the country met up for breakfast meetings and talked business! Sue McFarlane in her spring palette, me in my winter one. over in Newark early one morning. 
Jacqui looking fabulous in her autumn palette at our Athena networking afternoon tea at Colwick Hall, Nottingham. 
Our second SWISH fundraiser in full swing 11.11.17 raising money for the hospice that looked after my mum plus Maggie's Nottingham, Cancer Research & Notts Hospice 
Enjoying the pre swish refreshments. 11.11.17 
More happy pre swishers 11.11.17 
This is my long standing friend of over 30 years, Tania aka The Sherwood Seamstress. She attended the Swish to be on hand if anyone needed alterations doing in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. 
I did a 15 minute presentation about the 6 Style Personalities prior to the actual swishing. And who says big girls shouldn't wear stripes?  
When you find a pre loved Radley bag in your favourite spring palette colour!  
Getting serious as I explain about warm and cool colours during step 2 of my 5 Steps to Effortless Style workshop in Oct at the Park Inn Nottingham. 
Photo credit Jo Welch Photography 
My ladies at 5 Steps Oct 2017 remembering that a flat arm is a fat arm when posing for photos.  
Photo credit Jo Welch Photography 
An action shot as we played Capsule Concept Bingo during Step 4 which blew their minds! 72 outfits from 12 items? Impossible? Oh no, not when you know how... 
Photo credit Jo Welch Photography 
Here are a few of the comments from my 5 Steps workshop 18 Oct 2017. 
Fun, interactive, eye opening. An adventure! 
Fun, inspiring, uplifting, real. 
Phenomenal, extremely informative. 
Fabulous, money well spent and so much information. Really enjoyable. 
Here I'm using my pink sparkly bag to explain about the importance of balance and proportion at my 5 Steps to Effortless style workshop.  
Photo credit Jo Welch Photography 
Oooooh the concentration - everyone enjoys the cutting and sticking element of my 5 Steps to Effortless style workshop during step 2: colour.  
Photo credit Jo Welch Photography 
RubyDog investigating my bags all ready for my 5 Steps to Effortless Style Workshop 
So...There's string, a tape measure, paper plates... 
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a probably is a duck! My little friend who helps with Step 1 of the 5 Steps. 
The cutting and sticking stage (Step 2) of my 5 Steps workshop - this was the COOL table. 
The cutting and sticking stage (Step 2) of my 5 Steps workshop - this was the WARM table. 
Caption competition lol! This is the final stage of my 5 Steps workshop - a make up demo. 
What is style? A bit of group discussion in Step 1 
Some of the ladies at 5 Steps to Effortless Style Jan 2017, looking a bit nervous before we start. 
Some of the ladies at 5 Steps Jan 2017, looking a bit nervous before we start. 
Our 21 Day Challenge meet up at the pub in Sherwood, Nottingham Jan 2017 
Posh crisps and goody bags at the ready for our 21 Day Challenge meet up June 2017 
A few of the ladies at the 21 Day Challenge meet up June 2017. 
21 Day Challenge meet up June 2017 
A small selection of the amazing prizes that were donated for my Super Swish Fundraiser March 2017 
Swishing in action. 
Swish in full swing. 
Jo Welch our official photographer for the SWISH taking time out with Alison who had a stall at the event. 
Some jewellery that had been brought along to SWISH. 
Drawing the raffle prizes!  
Vesse in full concentration mode mid swish. 
And the winner is... 
We had some many generous prizes donated for the raffle - I think we had prizes almost to the value of £5K!!! 
We had cream teas and lots of cakes. 
I felt very proud and emotional to have raised over £1700 for Cancer Research and my mum's local hospice.  
Linda,Pauline and Chris sorting out the refreshments. 
Prize winners 
Katherine the Nottingham Herbalist chatting to Beki of Fusion Therapy 
Design work for fashion textiles circa 1990 
Design work for fashion textiles circa 1990 
Design work for fashion textiles circa 1995 
Fashion drawings from 1983 
Life drawing from 1983 
10 minute sketches 1983 
Printed designs Miss Selfridge and Oasis 1990 
Design work for Sock Shop 1992 I think 
Design work for Sock Shop 1992 I think 
Sketchbook work early 1990's 
Sketchbook work early 1990's 
Sketchbook work early 1990's. 
Notts TV 6.30 Show Sept 2016 
Me on the sofa Notts TV 6.30 Show 
Another one of my Notts TV appearances 
Here's me and Vicky Stanton at a conference Sep2016 during the first ever 21 Day Challenge - stripes day! 
I'm often invited onto BBC Radio Nottingham to chat about style and other stuff as a Loose Lady with lovely Mark Dennison 
Here's me breaking all the style rules for an apple with my 50's style dress at my sister's wedding. 
Collaborating with fellow style guru to present a workshop to the ladies at 
The cutting and sticking stage of my first workshop May 2015. 
All set for a make up workshop. 
Here's Liane whose make up I did for her professional head shots. 
Here's Mary whose make up I did for her professional head shots. 
Here's Grainne whose make up I did for her professional head shots.. 
Here's Mandy whose make up I did for her professional head shots wearing her summer colours. 
This is Nicky snapped at my house after I'd done her make up. 
This is Maxine having had her colours and make up done, she's Autumn. 
I worked with Jackie to help her prepare for an interview, she had a colour analysis consultation, a shopping trip and her make up done. Here's a snap I took after her make up session. 
Wendy had a colour analysis session and make up done - this is a snap I took on my phone. She then went on to buy her mum and two daughters colour consultations as Christmas presents! 
This is Jo Welch, a local photographer who I often collaborate with. These are her favourite colours from her Spring swatch. 
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