Yep - I can 100% claim this title, here's why...Back in the late 80's/early 90's I worked as a designer for printed textiles. 
We produced artwork for many of the High St retailers including Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer, BHS, Littlewoods, Monsoon and Next. 
They would bring in samples of the colours they wanted to use and we had to mix them with paint to Pantone reference accuracy. 
Sometimes it might take all day to get the hues just right; adding a pin prick of colour on the tip of your brush at a time until it was perfect. 
Give me a few tubes of colours and black and white and I could mix them by eye to match anything. These days it's all done by technology. 
So, this is what sets me apart from your usual franchise type colour analysis people. I know what actually makes up the cool and warm versions of colours and have a real depth of knowledge I'm not just following a manual. 
I have taught hundreds of students colour theory over the years - I know my tints, tones and shades, my analogous hues and all about triadic colourways...colour mixing is my super power. 
Here's an example of some paint I mixed up to match the little swatches of yarn. It's page from a sketchbook circa 1993. 
I was talking with a designer who is in her 30's a couple of weeks ago and explaining how we had to do the colour matching to pantone reference accuracy with a few tubes of paint and a brush- it blew her mind! 
So, yes - when you come to see me for a colour analysis you're getting over 30 years worth of colour skills and knowledge. I really know my stuff when it comes to colour. 
I was also privileged to work in studio owned by someone who sat on The British Colour Council and was heavily involved the colour forecasting industry. We knew so far ahead of the game what colour stories were going to be on trend. Our job was to create information packs for other designers to buy...and again, it was all done by hand and eye. It must be so much easier and quicker these days. 
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