Can your colours change? 
This is a question I get asked a lot by people who’ve had colour analysis (or as it’s more commonly referred to “having your colours done”) before. Sometimes they are asking because they’ve had it done more than once and been given different answers each time. Sometimes it’s because they’ve had it done a long time ago and wonder if what suits them will change as they are getting older. 
My answer is yes and no. 
Yes, the tints, tones and shades of colours that suited you when you were younger may change as we lose pigment in our colouring with age. So, for example, you could carry off a really vibrant red or orange when you were younger and your hair wasn’t grey, but now those hues are a bit overpowering as your colour has faded. In terms of your actual colour analysis, as long it’s been done properly, no – your season won’t change. 
Herein lies the problem… 
Quite often I get clients who’ve had their colours done before but weren’t feeling it when they were given their swatch.  
They never feel truly aligned to the group of colours that they were given, they go along with it for a while but because deep down they don’t feel right, pretty soon the swatch they were given never sees the light of day, they go back to wearing any old colours and their money is wasted. 
It’s about your hair, eyes and skin 
The truth is though, that they absolutely know that there’s something in this colour analysis business. Which is all about the unique combination of your skin undertones, your eye colour and your natural hair colour. They are still curious and really want to know what colours suit them best. They want to know which colours to wear to make their eyes brighter and skin more radiant… 
The friend of a friend 
A friend of a friend has started doing the colour thing so they think they’ll have another go. Off they trot to see the friend of a friend and she goes through the process with them. She covers their hair and puts on a white cape to cover their clothes – this is so she is not distracted or influenced by other colours as she is completing the analysis. 
The consultant drapes different coloured pieces of fabric across their décolletage and eventually declares their decision. It is a completely different result to when she had it done before! No wonder those colours never felt right…so she tries again with her new palette. However, there is still doubt in her mind and she’s never 100% confident. 
You’ve tried the rest 
This is when she comes to me and has a totally different experience. She leaves my session fully confident that this time the analysis is right, she takes away a bespoke swatch (little wallet of colours), receives a PDF booklet of tips and advice, including links to my regularly updated Pinterest boards and also understands that my support will be ongoing until she feels 100% confident in recognising colours in her palette. 
Colour Expert 
My depth of knowledge around colour is deep. I’m a self-proclaimed colour expert. I can 100% claim this title, here's why...Back in the late 80's/early 90's I worked as a designer for printed textiles. 
We produced artwork for many of the High St retailers including Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer, BHS, Littlewoods, Monsoon and Next. They would bring in samples of the colours they wanted to use and we had to mix them with paint to Pantone reference accuracy. 
Sometimes it might take all day to get the hues just right; adding a pin prick of colour on the tip of your brush at a time until it was perfect. Give me a few tubes of colours and black and white and I could mix them by eye to match anything. These days it's all done by technology. 
I have taught hundreds of students colour theory over the years - I know my tints, tones and shades, my analogous hues and all about triadic colourways...colour mixing is my super power. 
My U.S.P. 
So, this is what sets me apart from your usual franchise type or done it via online learning colour analysis people. I know what actually makes up the cool and warm versions of colours and have a real depth of knowledge, I'm not just following a manual and can create something that is unique and relevant just for you. 
There are different ways for you to learn which colours might suit you best: 
• I have a colour cheat sheet on my website if you’re curious about knowing what your season might be. You can sign up for it here
• My 5 Steps from Glum to Glam includes a module on colour and helps you to identify your seasonal palette, I run workshops and an online version of this. Click the services or events tab for up to date info. 
• If you’d like it done for you then I can do your seasonal consultation online or face to face for a full bespoke experience. Click here for more info or to book. 
I’m a cool winter and my WOW colours are the strong blues, pinks and purples plus black and white. Do you know which colours are best for you? What colours are you wearing when you get compliments? 
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