When my son was a few months old I left my well paid, secure full-time lecturing job because the tug at my heartstrings at the thought of leaving my beautiful baby boy every day was just too much to bear.  
I never went back after maternity leave. Instead I enter the world of party plan selling make up. I LOVE it! 
I’d been feeling undervalued at work before I went on maternity leave. I’d got a new boss, she made it very clear that she didn’t like me and the fact I’d been off long-term sick after a car accident, made her job difficult. The fact that I went back to work pregnant and would then need maternity leave left her less than impressed. She did nothing to make me feel supported. 
I'd looked for work closer to home. The fact that she wouldn’t come to the phone to discuss what we’d verbally agreed before I went off on maternity leave helped me make the decision to not go back. 
I didn’t want to be making do...however, it was quite an impulsive thing to do. We had a mortgage, lots of credit card debt and no savings and a new baby. I was the chief breadwinner and needed to replace my salary. At least we wouldn’t need childcare bills. 
Once I no longer had a salary coming in, I had the motivation to build and develop my business really quickly. I worked my socks off to get parties booked in and grow a team of my own so I could earn more commission. My (now ex) husband was working night shift at the time and we only had the one car. I’d get back from doing a party, he’d be waiting on the doorstep and we’d swap places. Off he went to work, and I'd take over as mum. I very rarely put my son to bed those first few months. 
However, I’m getting paid for playing with make-up and I’m around for every school run as he got older. I go to all the sports days and I’m there to see my son’s stage debut in his first nativity. It is perfect. I do really well, win all kinds of awards. 
So, why am I telling you all this over 20 years down the line? 
It’s because I’m trying something new for my business now, based on the principles I used to grow my business then. This autumn I’m trialling ‘Style Parties’. They are totally free, there’s no catch – it’s just a way of me meeting new people & showcasing what I do best – which is empowering women to dress with confidence. They are going to be a virtual get together, so no rule of 6, a bit of fun and I'll share some style tips with the guests. 
I’m quite excited. 
My plan is to have hosts who invite their friends along to a Zoom party. We will do a fun quiz and then there’ll be an opportunity to pick my brains and ask me styling questions. 
So, it might be that you have something in your wardrobe that you love but never know what to wear it with for example, I’ll share tips on the hoof, based on the items they bring. I might even throw in a raffle prize! 
The reason I’m trialling this method of promoting my work is because there are so many women out there with wardrobes full of clothes but who still feel like they’ve got nothing to wear. They just keep buying more stuff willy nilly and are sick of wasting money. 
I’m on a mission to get styling tips out there to help as many women as possible to tackle their failing wardrobes and be confident in clothes that really suit them. It might be they only need to shop their wardrobes, make a few little tweaks and that could be game changing. 
There will be a short presentation about my Super Savvy Style mentoring package at my Style Parties but just info, no hard sell - that's not my style. My 4-step system is proven to help transform relationships with clothes. 
Here's what some of the current members have said about it when I asked them to complete the sentence "Super Savvy Style has given me..." 
'Courage to wear things I might not have necessarily thought about' 
'Permission to not be boring with my clothes!' 
'My mojo back.' 
'Has allowed me to love me again' 
'It has given me my confidence back and the permission to wear clothes that give me pleasure' 
My aim with all of my mentoring work is to empower women and give them tips techniques and guidance to create a wardrobe they love; to pull together outfits which feel fab and are very 'you' and the confidence to wear them. meanwhile being supportive and providing honest feedback if required. 
It seems I’m hitting the spot with the ones I’m working with already, and I feel compelled to share the way I work with more people, so they get the opportunity to feel as good as these clients do. 
In my head ‘Style Parties’ seem like the way to go. I think we all need a bit of a girly get together every now and again (albeit via Zoom for the time being). Fingers crossed they take off and I can spread the word about what I do by these showcases. Watch this space… 
If you’d like to host a Style Party hit reply to this email and we’ll book a date. You’ll need between 6-12 people to attend and could earn commission if anyone goes on to work with me as a result of attending your party or booking one for themselves. 
I hosted the first one last night and it was great fun. Who’s going to be next to host I wonder? Is it you? 
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