Do you know which colours to wear that will accentuate your eyes and enhance your natural colouring?.A top tip is to echo your eye colour in your make up if you want to be sure the colours suit you... 
How do I choose foundation? 
There are so many different types of foundation to choose from where do you start? 
3 Main Things to consider: 
1) Price - how much are you prepared to pay? 
This will determine where you start your search and the brands you might look at. E.G if you don't want to spend more than £15 there is no point going to the 'scary lady' counters. Also, bear in mind however helpful the sales assistants are their job is to SELL. They are probably going to recommend all kinds of complementary products that you 'need' to make your foundation last longer, appear smoother etc. These things might be nice to haves but aren't essential. 
2) Coverage - light or heavy? Matte or dewy? 
Try a tiny bit of tester on the back of your hand and see how it covers your skin. How smoothly does it glide? As a generally rule the heavier coverage foundations don't glide as smoothly as the lighter ones and will have more 'stickability'. Check the finish in the light to see if the finish is matte or dewy - dewy will generally appear a lighter finish. Does it need a powder to set it? This is adding another step into your routine. 
How do I choose foundation? 
3) Colour - it is to even out skin tone NOT to add colour 
Test the colour on your jawline, not the back of your hand or even the inside of your wrist- it should disappear and completely blend in with your natural skin tone. Go outside into the natural light to double check that it blends in. Foundation should be to even your skin tone out, disguising any redness and blemishes. It should not need to be blended down onto your neck and definitely not leave a tide mark. 
Eyeshadow - what colour should I wear? 
Do you try and match your eyeshadow to your clothes? Or do you always wear the same neutral colour day in day out? 
Back in the day they used to say blue for blue eyes, brown for brown eyes, green for green eyes - you get the picture... 
To me this conjures up an image of a frumpy old bird I used to work with who smeared a pale blue shimmery streak across her eyes every morning. It was not a good look. 
However, the theory can be applied if you do it properly. Look really carefully and close up into your eyes and you'll notice there are lots of different flecks of colour - use them as a guide. 
Use matte colour - you may need to shop around. Avoid anything shimmery full stop if you are a woman of a certain age unless you want to accentuate the crinkly crepe paper effect. 
The thing to remember with eye shadow is the secret is to blend, blend and blend again. You absolutely MUST invest in proper brushes, throw those stupid little sponge things away immediately you get the product home - they are neither use nor ornament. 
Leave those colourful palettes full of shimmering, sparkly, shiny gorgeous bright colours to the youngsters unless you are UBER confident in your application technique and want to make a statement. 
For a polished, sophisticated look stick with matte tones such as dusky pinks, greys, muted blues, olive greens, amber and all shades of brown on your eyes and make a colour statement with your lipstick. 
Blusher - where and what colour? 
Blusher can be used to add colour and shape to your face. 
The biggest mistake I see all the time - especially on TV presenters - is the streak of peach. Please note that peach does NOT suit you if you have cool undertones to your skin need a pink/blue undertone. 
To be fair there are far more peachy blushers than pinky ones on the market but it doesn't make it right - shop around, I promise you it makes a massive difference. 
If you were around in the 80's you probably sucked your cheeks in to apply blusher - (think Adam Ant and Boy George) that look is fashionable again these days but they call it contouring now and use different, special contouring, products. 
My advice regarding blusher these days would be to apply it to the outer apples of your cheeks and blend outwards and upwards towards your temple - use a big brush - not a farty little one that comes with it. Make sure you blend it properly and don't leave hard edges or little Aunt Sally circles. Less is more - it's easier to build up than take it off if you've overdone it. 
My personal preference is to have a teensy weensy bit of shimmer in it so it catches the light and accentuates my cheekbones. 
Don't avoid blusher if you have high colouring - minimise the high colour and then use your blusher. It's essential, if you've used foundation, to add a bit of colour back to your face. 
Pucker up - choosing lippy and making it last 
There are soooo many types of lipstick to choose from these days it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start. 
My advice is to start with colour and then the type of finish you want. 
As usual it's best to stick to warm corals, rusts and orangey reds if you have warm undertones to your skin and cool pinks, burgundy and wine tones if your undertone is cool. 
The 'right' colour lipstick for you will look harmonious even if you don't have any other make up on - try a few out and you'll see what I mean. If it's the 'wrong' colour for you it will mean that your lips are the first thing that people notice about your face. 
As a general rule darker colours will make your lips look smaller and thinner - especially if it is a matte finish. 
To make your lips look fuller and more youthful gloss is best - even if you just put a dot in the centre of your bottom lip and just under your cupids bow. 
If you'd like your lippy to stay on longer try this old school technique...use lip liner (similar colour to lipstick) to outline lips and then colour them in all over with it. Apply coat one of lipstick with a brush, blot it heavily on a tissue, coat lightly with face powder, apply coat two, blot again but gently this time. You should notice a difference in how much longer it stays put. There's always Lipcote too - a nasty tasting product that you can put over any lippy to make it stay on longer. 
If you've enjoyed reading these tip but want to actually see hands op application you could check out my online tutorial progamme. You can watch the video tutorials on your phone, they're in real time so you can follow the tips by pausing the video while you apply along with line free 20 year old models in sight - just below for more info and to buy. 
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