I am NOT the fashion police...I often get greeted with comments like “I know you will probably tell me off for wearing this. “Or “I know I shouldn’t be wearing this but…” 
It’s never my clients who say this by the way, they know better. It’s generally people I meet at networking who have their own idea of what my role is before they actually get to know my values and how I actually work. Often, it’s because they’ve seen TV makeover shows where the presenters are paid to be cutting to boost viewing figures – it makes good telly. 
My mission is to help ‘ordinary’ women feel so much better than ordinary by teaching them how to choose colours and clothes that make them look and feel good. I want to make personal styling accessible and share expertise that is generally seen as an exclusive service reserved for those with big bank balances. 
Please rest assured that when I meet you, I am not looking you up and down and mentally condemning your style choices. I am not permanently judging your dress sense and conducting private analysis sessions in my head. That’s the absolute opposite of what my work is all about. I just want to clear that up - I am not the fashion police. I will also challenge you if you get a bit judgy about what other people are wearing too – it’s none of your business. 
The whole premise of my business and the way I work is to develop confidence. If you feel totally confident and happy with your outfit choices, then that is fantastic. You’ve either been a client and I’ve done my job well or you are not in need of my services. 
I would never give unsolicited advice or tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t wear. however, I can advise if required. There’s a massive difference. but, at the end of the day you really LOVE something, wear it – who cares? Nobody else’s opinion matters except your own. 
My first port of call with any client is to ask questions. It’s essential for me to make sure that I understand WHY they want to work with me and what they want to get out of the process. I would never make assumptions. It’s horses for courses and all that. what one person is happy with can be a source of discontent for another. Ms X might be really self conscious about her arms for example, Ms Y with exactly the same shape and size of arms doesn’t give them a second thought. 
Now, I can help Ms X (arm hater) to find shapes to flatter etc, there will be style ‘rules’ that help her feel more confident and comfortable in her clothes and disguise what she calls her bingo wings. The same ‘rules’ might apply to Ms Y too, but she’s not got an issue with her arms. Why then, would I bring them up? If I suggest things and talk about bingo wings with her, I could sow seeds of doubt about an area of her body that she previously hadn’t even considered a problem. This would totally contradict the ethos of my business. I definitely will tell you the truth but I will be diplomatic. 
Bespoke and authentic are not just buzz words. This is what my work is all about. I work with individuals, to define and refine their personal style so they create and develop their own bespoke dressing formula. We customise the ‘rules’ and create guidelines for specific ‘issues’, one size does not fit all. There is no set ‘cookie cutter’ formula, we are all unique and I help women explore and develop their own style that expresses their identity. 
Regarding rules, they are made to be broken, or at least bent a little sometimes. I’m an O shape body type, carrying my weight around my middle and according to the ‘rules’ I should avoid fitted waistlines. For my sister’s wedding a few years ago and my own wedding last year I chose to ignore that rule. Heavy duty waist cinching corsetry is totally designed to change your shape. I wore a 1950’s style dresses which I love. I felt fabulous on both occasions but couldn’t dress like that underwear every day comfortably. I didn’t care about rules because I was totally happy with my look, I felt confident. That is what my business is all about. 
If you are feeling good and completely happy with your style then you don’t need me, if you want to figure out your own personal guidelines to boost your confidence about how you look, I can help. 
I have a group course for 40+ women who want to be confident in colours and clothes that really suit them. 
If you spend an average of £50+ a month on clothes, have a wardrobe full and are sick of wasting money on things you hardly ever wear then this is for you. 
To create a style recipe that perfectly expresses your identity, complements your colouring, flatters your figure AND suits your lifestyle I will mentor you for 12 weeks. 
I will support you to become Style Savvy. 
You’ll be guided through 4 modules divided into 12 bite sized tutorials accessed at your leisure. We have weekly group Q & A sessions and a virtual community for all course members 
To get the most from the course you’ll need to: 
• invest min 20-120 minutes weekly 
• be interested in learning what works for you 
• be excited to make positive changes and transform your wardrobe 
If you're ready to start feeling empowered and confident in the clothes you already have, and dramatically reduce your current monthly expenditure by only buying new pieces that truly suit you and make you feel fabulous, sign up for this programme for £147 (you can even pay in monthly instalments) by following the link below. 
Alternatively, message me if you have any questions! Click the below when you are ready to get started. 
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