Do you know Tryer Tracey? She’s always on a diet of one kind or another.  
She’s tried WeightWatchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, 5:2, the F Plan, Cambridge, Lighter Life, Cabbage Soup, Dukan, Paleo, Slimfast, Atkins…you name it. She’s even been for hypnotherapy, had her thyroid checked, wonders if she’s got a slow metabolism and heavy bones…Bless her, it doesn’t matter what she tries, she can lose weight but then just can’t keep it off. But you know what? She’ll never give up trying because she REALLY wants to lose weight....She wants to lose weight so much she’d do anything, but life keeps getting in the way.. 
It’s October now, it’s half term next week and she’ll have the kids off school. They’ll need entertaining, that means days out and treats, they love pizza hut and the lunchtime deal is really good, the dough balls are delicious too. She’ll just have the salad though (those bacon bits make it worth it) and a diet coke, then perhaps nick a slice off the kids. The kids have pick and mix at the cinema but she resists and just has popcorn because that’s better for you. 
Halloween is a nightmare these days too! Where did the trick or treat thing and big parties come from? She just had a hollowed out swede as a Jack O’ Lantern when she was a kid. 
The supermarkets don’t help either, putting those big tins of chocolates on offer. She buys them to give to the kids on the estate when they come knocking –one of them is just full of empty wrappers by the 28th. It’s just the odd one here and there with a coffee and before you know it – gone. The tins are getting smaller every year though too. 
Bonfire night - there’s a big party down the road at Jane and Mark’s.It’s always a brilliant night and has become a bit of a tradition. Everyone takes really nice food, there’ll be jacket potatoes (that’s okay ‘cos they’re quite slimming as long as you don’t have butter) Jane’s fab chilli, and Kath will probably make her parkin that’s just delicious. Tracey will drink gin and slim line tonic thoughto be good and steer clear of the pinot because that’s just loads of calories without realising.  
December ...Ugh Christmas parties, night’s out with the girls, a fuddle at work, the singing group are having a soiree. There’s no point trying to lose weight at Christmas, you have to enjoy yourself or everyone thinks you are a spoilsport. The shops are full of really lovely special seasonal fare too; you don’t want to miss out on that do you? Those really nice nuts with bits of fudge and dried fruit in are only for Christmas...  
January - Full of determination and new year, fresh start and all that, Tracey is going to join Slimming World again. Not until after all the Christmas stuff has been finished off though. She can’t believe how much is left over; she can’t throw it away because that’s a waste.  
February Valentine’s Day and that’s chocolate again, Pancake Day is another temptation. March she has Mother’s day and the kids always get her wine and chocolate. St Patrick’s Day is another party at Jane and Mark’s. April brings Easter, more chocolate, big family get together for dinner – it gets more like Christmas every year. May is when the bank holiday barbecues crop up, June is her birthday and that’s another few meals out and boozy nights. Summer holidays – well, it’s all inclusive so you have to get your money’s worth. September is the time to rejoin a slimming club to lose weight for Christmas, maybe WeightWatchers this time... And so it goes. 
Tryer Tracey never actually gives up; in her head she’s always trying to lose weight. She gets fed up with herself and beats herself up about the fact that she’s can’t lose weight. She then uses food to cheer herself up, treats herself to a Snickers when the kids are in bed. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what she sees. She doesn’t feel nice in any of her clothes, she just sticks to her baggy shapeless tops and slimming black and has started to feel old and drab.  
It’s a vicious cycle, the more fed up she feels the more she turns to food to cheer herself up. She thinks everything will be better if she could just lose a bit of weight.  
Slippery Slope. If you do know Tracey you’ll recognise that her self esteem is slipping. She might feel better about herself if she knew a few tips and tricks to that would help her make the most of her shapely legs and sexy cleavage but minimise the appearance of her mummy tummy that she hates so much. If she knew which colours to wear that would enhance her gorgeous skin and really make her beautiful eyes pop. If she knew how to focus on her best bits and disguise the bits she isn’t so happy with she’d probably feel better in herself. If she felt better in herself her confidence might be boosted and if she loved herself a bit more who knows what she could achieve.  
A bit of food for thought that doesn’t have a calorific value xx 
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