Having a colour analysis is a great start to your colour and style journey. You get a swatch of 50 colours which are perfectly matched to your unique colouring taking your skin, hair and eyes into consideration. 
I use the Absolute Colour System which provides the most accurate readings in my opinion and there are 18 definitive categories for me to work with. 
The next thing is to identify your Signature Colours – you can actually do this without having a colour analysis reading. E.g. Wearing the same coloured top as your eyes has immediate impact; there are such things as eye, skin and hair enhancers and intensifiers. I provide tips on this in my e-book called 5 Powerful Ways to Apply Colour Magic.  
You can get this as a bonus section to my newly launched Scarf Selfie Lockdown 2020 e-book £5 with 20% profit going to NHS charity.  
Once you know which colours actually suit you it’s then important to explore HOW you like to wear colour. This is defined by your Colour and Style Personality…and this is where it starts to get interesting. Even though colours suit you it doesn’t necessarily mean that you like them or feel excited by wearing them.  
I’ve had a few clients who are initially disappointed with their swatch because they like vibrant colours, but those colours are now a bit too strong and end up ‘wearing them’. So, using simple colour theory like wearing colours that are opposite on the colour wheel comes into play. When you put their soft red next to their soft green or orange with blue for example, these colours are highly contrasting to each other and immediately appear more vibrant. 
Some people might have a more Classic colour and style personality and not really feel comfortable wearing colour at all. Or if they do it will be a single colour in small doses with lots of neutral black, navy or grey thrown in. 
Another element to consider if you really want to take things up a notch is to wear colour in such a way that it is harmonious with your tonal value, I covered this in my last Shop Your Wardrobe Challenge. You can watch my demo here. 
It’s when I have my hair grey, I suit the softer, smokier colours of my palette such as dusky pink and grey/blue. The more vibrant combos that I love such as my shocking pink coat is too dominant when I’m grey and I need to pop my silver scarf on to soften it. Then if I add magenta (or other bright colours to my hair) I can carry off the louder, more vibrant colours that overpower me when I’m grey. 
Another way to think about how you wear colour is in regard to Figure Flattering Style (FFS). This is using colour to enhance your assets and diminish areas you’d rather disguise by creating illusions. For example, lighter and bright colours draw attention to areas so if you are a conscious of your cellulite or thighs in general beware of wearing light or bright coloured trousers. Keep your lighter and brighter colours on your top half. I’m currently working on some e style guides that will be expanding on body shapes and how to flatter your figure with colour - so watch this space. 
As you can see there can be so much more to colour analysis than just trotting off with your swatch. It depends how much depth you want to go into. 
My colour analysis clients get access to ongoing guidance and support from me as lifetime membership to my online alumni Absolute Colour Club is included along with the swatch and pdf colour guide when they have a reading with me. I share video tutorials etc in there and they also have the opportunity to post questions and shopping selfies if they’re not sure about a colour. 
Colour is so powerful. Apart from all the things I’ve already mentioned there’s a whole load of psychology and meaning we attach to colour. And if you are a bit woo woo we can take that even further and look at healing with colour and colour therapy etc. 
Prices start at just £147 for an online Colour Analysis reading - click here to start your journey. 
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