Accessories are to punctuate an outfit they should finish off your look making you look well put togther. One of the greatest challenges when selecting accessories is to know how many to apply. When you apply too many, your overall look can appear tacky. 
When you fail to apply enough, your outfit can look a little boring and Ordinary Olive - let's have a look at how to create the perfect combination. 
When it comes to choosing accessories, it isn’t simply about numbers; it has a lot to do with creating an overall look that is well balanced. To achieve this, it is a good idea to take a leaf out of the interior design book. 
In the world of interior design, designers are advised to choose one focal point in the room. Other aspects of the room are supposed to support the focal point, rather than compete for attention. These rules also apply to any outfit. 
If your outfit already has a focal point, for example a dress with a sequined bodice, the rest of your accessories should tie in with your bodice in a low key way.  
For example, a pair of diamond studs and simple nude court shoes would most likely be complimentary. In contrast, a chunky necklace, three bangles up the arm, and contrasting coloured shoes, would most likely be overpowering. 
If your outfit is a blank canvas piece, such as a simple little black dress that is begging for adornment you should select one accessory that will become your focal point. For example, you could choose to focus on a cute pair of shoes, a statement bag, or an eye catching belt. 
Once you have decided upon this piece, once again only choose the remainder of your accessories to compliment the overall look. Do not choose pieces any other pieces that scream look at me and stand out on their own. 
When you overpower an outfit with conflicting accessories, the eye doesn’t know where to come to rest and this creates a look that appears confusing, rather than elegant and polished. The human brain likes clear direction. 
So when it comes to deciding upon your accessories, it is a good idea to have a try on in front of a full length mirror and give your look a good critical assessment.  
Before heading out the door ask yourself the following questions: 
Does my outfit have one clear focal point? 
Am I wearing any accessories that are competing with one another or my clothes? 
Does your outfit look balanced and in proportion? 
Would my outfit look better if I added another supporting accessory? 
Would my outfit look better if I removed a particular accessory? 
Here’s a quick quiz for you to think about when you are getting ready: 
• Glasses 1 point 
• Earrings 0.5 point each 
• Facial piercings 1 point each 
• Watch 1 point 
• Rings 1 point for each finger adorned 
• Bracelets/bangles 1 point each 
• Necklace 1 point each 
• Hair accessories 1 point each 
• Scarf 1 point (if worn as part of outfit & not removed indoors) 
• Belt 1 point 
Less than 5 points – unfinished, could be a bit Ordinary Olive 
More than 10 points – erring into Christmas tree territory 
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