How do you know what your style is? Why is it important? What if I don't have a style? Where do I even start? I have so many different styles in my wardrobe, I'm confused... 
It is said we wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. I have no idea who said it or even who made the statistic up but I reckon it’s pretty accurate amongst the women I come across as an Image and Colour Consultant. 
Quite often my clients have got a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes but only ever wear the same few items. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and to wear the same old clothes week in, week out. 
The other thing that happens is that you’ll maybe buy something while you’re out shopping just because it catches your eye. You get it home but then don’t know what to wear it with. It’s quite easy to end up with a wardrobe full of clothes this way but still feel like you have nothing to wear. 
You’ve got a night out with your mates planned and it sends you into a state of panic because you have no idea what you are going to wear. It’s stressful. So what do you do? You go shopping and buy something in a panic, an impulse buy. And this then adds to already stuffed wardrobe of clothes… 
It doesn’t have to be like this and if you’re ready for change there are a few steps that you can follow to help you take the stress out of getting dressed. Following my tips will help you avoid the despair of standing in front of your wardrobe that’s rammed with clothes and thinking ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!’ 
My belief is that there are 5 Steps to getting to grips with your personal style: 
1) Style 
2) Colour 
3) Shape 
4) Capsule Concept 
5) Finishing Touches 
I firmly believe that by figuring out what you like and why you like it helps you to refine and define your personal style. We don’t often take a step back and actually analyse our clothes. We stand in the changing room and make decisions there and then based on how we feel at that particular moment in time. 
There are different kinds of shopping trips – the panic I need something for tonight type, the ooh that looks nice I’ll just go and try it on type, this is when you’ve gone out for a washing machine but come home with 3 dresses. There’s the I’ve got a special occasion so I have to dress like XYZ and it’s really not me so you end buying something you’ll only wear once. There’s the browsing round the sales type shopping trips too – you end buying things because they are a bargain (read about Bargain Bev – that’s another blog!) 
So based on those few types of shopping trips I’ve described it’s hardly any wonder we end up with our stuffed wardrobes but still feel like we’ve nothing to wear. 
So imagine if you’ve given some thought to it and have your own style recipe for getting dressed. If you know what styles you like and why you like them it will help you identify your style personality. 
You can identify recurring themes around your clothes, it might be that you’d never realised before but you prefer ¾ sleeves, Those tops with ¾ sleeves are the ones you prefer to wear and shirts with cuffs get on your nerves. So instead of never wearing the shirts with cuffs perhaps you could get them altered? Or even just turn back the cuffs? Perhaps buying some of those old fashioned elastic garter type things that go around your arms could help you turn longer sleeves into ¾. 
Taking a look at the stuff you do wear often and really thinking about why will help you identify your style personality too. (You can take my quiz.) This is one of the biggest things I work on with my clients because it can have the most impact on understanding of their personal style and prevent impulse buys that never make it out of the wardrobe. 
So if you then know your style personality, add onto that understanding which colours work best for you, then the styles and shapes of garments to flatter your body type you can see how it start to come together… 
The 5 steps form the basis of my signature workshop/online course (5 Steps to Effortless Style) but I’ve also created a Suss Your Style | Online Program around the 5 steps to help you explore, define and refine your personal style. It is designed as a thought provoking, reflective programme which complements my other processes. 
By working through the daily challenges over the a 5 week period you will learn so much about yourself, what you like and why you like it – it will really help you focus on developing your personal style. 
The aim of the challenge is to guide you through looking at your wardrobe in detail; to analyse what you like and why you like it. This in turn takes you nearer to understanding your unique personal style. 
You can dip in and out of the challenges and connect with other women in a safe, supportive environment in the exclusive Suss Your Style group on Facebook which becomes an amazing, energised community of like- minded women. 
My aim is for each course is for it to become a group coaching session around colour and clothes empowering you to experiment and so far it’s been just that. It’s about giving you the confidence to explore and play with so that you develop or define your own style. 
The level of engagement is up to you, some members post every day; others in batches, it doesn’t matter how you join in – but it is about learning and enjoyment! 
"The challenge made me think very hard about the clothes I was wearing in a way I never had before and it made me curious as to what else there was to learn about myself and my own style (which I’d never really consciously given any thought to before The program will slow down the busy every day you, the you that you automatically take for granted, and make you stop and think and question yourself, whilst offering really useful tips and information about all sorts of style aspects. It’s a toolbox for your own individual style build and personal development." Emma 
"I’m feeling more confident in my choices, and actually realise that, as long as I love whatever I’m wearing, it doesn’t really matter how closely I stick to the rules, as long as I follow some basic principles. A supportive and realistic environment in which to ask questions, get it wrong, but to understand why, and most importantly, how to make it right!" Gill 
If you’re interested in joining in I’m running the next group starting 30 July. It’s only £35 – so less than £1 a day and there has been some amazing results in the past few groups. 
Here’s how it works: 
• You download & print off a copy of the workbook 
• You shout up in the Suss Your Style Facebook Group and become part of the gang 
• You work through the daily challenges and record how they make you feel 
• You post selfie evidence in the group and comment how you feel too if it’s relevant 
• You can ask for/share ideas and advice 
• You can give each other honest but kind feedback 
• You can support each other through the challenges 
The objective of the course is to guide you through discovering your authentic, unique sense of style. It’s about encouraging you to explore your own wardrobe – especially the 80% you never wear. To gently nudge you into seeing things differently about your style, self - image and the way you dress each day. For you to play around, experiment and enjoy! 
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