Remember the Hair Bear Bunch on TV when we were kids? Or Ken Dodd? That’s how I feel with my hair just now having missed a couple of my appointments. 

I've been 'accused' of still having nice hair despite it being lock down several times over the past few weeks – a couple of people have looked at me very suspiciously. 
Imagine how we’d all be looking if we had weekly appointments for a shampoo and set like our mothers did back in the day. I remember my mum nipping round to Doreen’s on a Friday. Doreen had converted the front room of her two up, two down terraced house into a salon and had 3 of those big hood dryers in a row. You stood over her kitchen sink to get your hair washed. She had a plastic shower hose attached to the taps – well risky for scalds if the cold pressure was too high and it popped off the cold tap. Thankfully those days are no more. 
As you can imagine the news this week has made me very happy. I can't wait to see Brian my hairdresser again, it's just THE BEST THING that he is be able to open from 4th July. I’ve got everything crossed that my appointment goes ahead on the 8th. I've been seeing him religiously every 6 weeks for over 20 years and prior to lock down I had my appointments booked in up until March 2021! 
He knows my hair really well and cuts it accordingly. I.e. the style is designed to go with the way it grows. This, I'm incredibly thankful for, because it's precisely why, despite not being cut since February, it still looks ok. 
In ‘normal’ times I usually get tons of compliments about my hair every week and I am hoping he doesn't retire for a very long time yet. I’ve even had people take photos of my hair to show their hairdresser for inspiration – sadly though, as you’ll know if you’ve ever taken a photo to the hairdressers it’s not as simple as that my style might not be suitable for your type of hair, face shape or style personality. It’s perfect for me – it’s my Goldilocks style – just right. 
I am often asked by clients for advice on hair - including colour and style. I'm no hairdresser but can apply the same principles as my colour and style work as a general guide as getting a Goldilocks style can make an enormous difference to your overall personal image. 
Unless you wear headgear all the time your hair is ALWAYS on show. It doesn't matter how beautifully cut your clothes are or how amazing your outfit is if your hair looks rubbish. It's worth investing in (time/money) to get it right to suit you and your lifestyle. Designer handbag but bad home dye job? The devil is in the detail. 
Remember that other people can see the back of your head. I know at least 2 people in my women’s network who don't seem to think about this when they do their hair. They look great from the front though! Obviously, this is not as relevant in the days of Lockdown Locks and Zoom calls but when you’re back out in the real world make sure you’ve thought about it. 
Don't go for a high maintenance style if you are a low maintenance person. It will only look good that day you walk out of the salon and will be a source of frustration thereafter. 
Consider your Style Personality - Classics like neat styles, Elegant Chic want understated but on trend, Dramatics like colour, shape and texture, Naturals like wash and wear, Romantics prefer soft, loose and feminine and Eclectic Creatives - like to mess around with their hair, it depends on their mood. 
Think about scale and proportion...e.g. petite features are overpowered by big hair whereas a larger frame can carry it off. An experienced hairdresser will be able to advise you on styles to suit your face shape/features too. 
Make friends with your hair. Accept that it's fine or curly or whatever then find a hairdresser who you like and find easy to talk to. That way you can build a relationship and get to understand each other - less chance of getting it wrong. It can help if they have a similar hair type to you – they’ll understand your issues with the curls or the fine hair and will be able to work with, so it makes you feel good. 
Layers are good for fine or thick hair; they’ll give it some movement and shape – avoid too many layers if you’ve got curly hair though. A precision cut is great for fine hair – it makes it appear fuller. Thinning hair or needing to dye it every fortnight because of the roots? Avoid a definite parting or fringe 
Colour Newsflash! Your natural colour will always suit you even if you don’t like it. 
If you want to change it stick with your undertones for it to be most flattering i.e. warm skin = warm hair, cool skin = cool hair. Take blonde for example, warm undertones suit honey blonde whereas for cool undertones ash is better. 
If you have warm undertones and your hair is too cool, you’ll look washed out. Cool undertones with warm hair, your complexion will appear ruddy. 
Stick within a few shades of your natural tone if you want it to flatter your skin. For most people this is around 2-3 shades darker or up to 4 lighter...remember your eyebrows too! Black hair and pale brows is not a great look. 
If you radically change your hair colour the colours that suit you best to wear may also change. 
Going grey? 
25% or less try highlights - cool or warm depending on undertone, cool = ash blonde, warm = honey blonde 
25-50% try an all over semi-permanent colour that will fade 
50-80% you’re probably going to need an all-over permanent colour every few weeks 
80%+ I’d be advising you to radically lighten your hair and reassess your colour palette accordingly 
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