When it's hot we just aren’t used to it here in Blighty. The heat and sun is all well and good if you are lazing around in the garden or on holiday. Then a vest top and shorts or a sundress are fine. 
But what do you wear to work? 
What is acceptable to wear to the office or to meet clients? 
Here are my tips for dressing professionally even when it is scorchio… 
1) wear lighter neutrals – white, tan, taupe, grey or a crisp white and navy combo 
2) wear nude underwear if you are wearing light colours – it does not show through clothes as much as white 
3) keep your fabrics light weight but not too lightweight or floaty 
4) cotton, linen and silk are good, linen blended with something will crease less 
5) the more skin you show, the more casual you will look 
6) think light layers if you are going from heat outside to cool air con (nippy is not good) 
7) only go without hosiery if it’s appropriate 
8) try bandalettes if you get chub rub & those little sock things to stop your feet rubbing 
9) try a hair up style to keep neck cooler 
10) sleeveless may not be appropriate but try a short sleeve or cap sleeve 
11) try and find an unlined jacket if you have to wear one = one less layer 
12) soft and wide clothes are cooler than fitted – think wide legged palazzo pants 
13) keep make up light, powder in your bag for touch ups and a fine mist spray of water will keep it in place 
14) perforated shoes will keep your feet cool if your dress code does not allow sandals 
And finally – warm weather does not change the fact that what you wear has an impact on how you are perceived. You still want to maintain your professional credibility. 
Remember the A,B,C of dress codes 
A – APPROPRIATE – consider your environment and audience 
B – BOUNDARIES – if you can see up it, down it or through it you may be crossing them! 
C – CONSISTENT – if you want to keep your brand and professional credibility intact it’s essential 
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