“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe Your clothes make a statement about you before you open your mouth. Do you ever think about the messages you might be conveying about yourself through how you look? 
Having a Signature Style is kind of like finding your own uniform or YOUniform as I prefer to call it. This week I’ve been chatting with lots of lovely ladies who volunteered to have a half hour conversation to help me with some market research. During these calls I’ve been explaining the four elements of my Style Nirvana System that I work on with clients to create their Signature Style. 
So for this week I’m giving you a few pointers on the types of things for you to consider if you want to create your own Signature Style. It really is worth taking the time to sort if out as it helps relieve the stress from getting dressed. No more standing in front of your wardrobe stuffed full of clothes but feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear. 
Element One: Colour 
Wear colours that look good on you 
As you know I’m VERY passionate about colour and the impact it can have on how you look. The ‘right’ colours will make your complexion appear clear, radiant and glowing; your eyes will sparkle, and you will look healthy. The ‘wrong’ colours will exaggerate shadows, can make your skin appear blotchy or sallow and generally make you look tired. And who wants that?!? 
Figuring out whether you suit warm or cool colours is the first step and then matching your natural contrast levels to the colours you are wearing helps too. 
Check your veins on your inner wrist. If your skin has warm undertones your veins appear green, skin appears peachy, cool veins appear blue, skin pink. 
For your contrast, imagine Snow White, she has very pale skin, dark hair and clear eyes, she’s going to look best in colours that replicate her natural colouring – pastel pinks and blues that look great on Cinderella would just was her out completely. 
The psychology of colour comes into play here as well as colour analysis, for example black suit and a white shirt conveys authority ,it would not be a good colour combination (even if it suited you) if you were a counsellor wanting to convey compassion and empathy. 
Element Two: Style Personality 
Wear clothes that express your identity 
There are 6 Style Personality archetypes that I work with: Classic, Elegant Chic, Dramatic, Natural, Romantic and Creative. Most of us have one dominant primary type with a secondary influence. If you cross over more than three then I would generally say you are either VERY confident in your sense of personal style or quite confused and haven’t got it right yet. 
Your Style Personality basically determines why you like what you like. When you understand the aspects around this it can stop you wasting money on things that just end up at the back of the wardrobe unworn. 
Your Style Personality is reflected across all the different things that make up our personal style – hair, make up, how we like to wear colour and pattern, jewellery, accessories etc. If you aren’t sure of your type, try my free quiz 
Element Three: Body Shape 
Wear figure flattering styles 
To understand how to flatter your unique body shape there are several things to consider. 
Your silhouette – this is often referred to as apple, pear, column etc. I use a slightly more complex system with letters H, I, O, V, A, X to figure out yours imagine drawing a chalk outline around your body – use your shoulders, waist and hips to determine your letter. 
NB This is NOT about using a tape measure and measuring your circumference as this can skew your readings. For example, your hips maybe quite narrow but you could have a small bust, yet your tummy sticks out. If you measured your hips and compared to your bust measurement this method could determine you as a pear shape and send you in a different direction for clothes shapes and styles that flatter you. 
Your vertical proportions – this is about your torso to leg ratio and looking at where your natural waist and leg break are. 
Your variants – these are the other things that you need to consider when choosing clothes. It may be your ‘padding’ E.G. big boobs, curvy bum, chunky calves or it could be things like a short neck, narrow feet etc. 
Element Four: Lifestyle 
Have a wardrobe that suits your requirements 
The final thing to consider for the last piece of the jigsaw is your lifestyle requirements. Does your wardrobe match your dressing needs? 
For this I mean, if you spend a large proportion of your life in smart casual mode but your wardrobe is full of either casual wear or party dresses there is a mismatch. Think about how you spend your time in a typical week and the type of clothes you need to wear for each segment. Then think about the contents of your wardrobe if, for 50% of your time, required to be dressed in a smart casual way does 50% of your wardrobe reflect this? 
Having got your signature style down to a tee is like being in the Goldilocks zone -you’ll know when things are just right. When your friends and family find it easy to buy gifts because ‘it’s very you’. That’s having your signature style. 
When you’ve got that sorted it’s very easy to dial your style up or down to suit the situation and environment so that you never feel under or overdressed but you always feel authentically you – and this my lovelies is why I call my system Style Nirvana. Nirvana means a blissful state, liberation, freedom and all the happy things. 
#bemoreyou #sussyourstyle #colourclothesconfidence 
If this all sounds super wonderful and lovely and a place, you’d like to be nearer to you might want to look out for my new online course which I’m launching 27TH July. It’s going to be called Super Savvy Style and will be covering all of the 4 elements of my system at a very accessible price point…watch this space. 
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