My tip to share with you this week is to help you buy less but wear more of your existing wardrobe by exploring the concept of Capsule Collections. 
One of my favourite things to do with clients is help them shop their wardrobe and create a capsule collection. This is basically playing around with what is already in your wardrobe and mixing and matching exploring new combinations, so you create lots of new outfit ideas from stuff you already have. 
It’s said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, sticking with the same things despite our wardrobes being stuffed to the gills with clothes that never see the light of day. So my challenge to you this week is to make some time to give it a try. 
Here’s my step by step guide to Shopping Your Wardrobe for a Capsule Collection 
Have a wardrobe weed and clear out anything that doesn’t fit. Then hang things by colour so you can easily see what you have. You can get my Wardrobe Weed guide here. 
Think about what type of outfits you want to create e.g. work/leisure/smart casual 
Choose a couple of neutral colours to start with and a couple of interest colours to work with. 
Maybe take inspiration from one of my colour inspirations videos that I’ve been sharing on social media. Or use a scarf, necklace, flowers in the garden or a painting or design you like to take ideas from regarding colours. 
The next step is to get out the things from your wardrobe that match your chosen colour palette, including accessories. 
A good tip re accessories is to store them by colour rather than item as it makes pulling an outfit together so much easier. I.e. instead of storing all your different coloured belts together, store your red belt, red shoes, red bag, red jewellery and red scarf all in one place. 
So now you have a selection of things to experiment with and try on. See how things look together that you haven’t worn as an outfit before. 
Take selfies of the combinations you try and then make notes (mental or in a journal) after your trying on session about how you felt in the outfits. Save the selfies in an album on your phone so that you don’t have to remember them and have ideas of what to wear to hand. 
Don’t be worried about playing around and trying things in different ways – you might find some really great new combinations of things. 
Providing you are open minded to playing around this is a fun way to spend an afternoon and as well as giving you lots more ideas on how to wear things it could potentially save you time and money in the long run. As you’ll be buying less but wearing more of your wardrobe. 
If you feel like you need a little more structure you could download my FREE Capsule Collection template PDF here, by using this you can create 72 variations from just 12 items if clothing. There’s a video demo of how it works that you’ll get too. 
Or if you want to take it up a notch and get me in your pocket check out my eBooks Capsule Wardrobe 101 – Your blueprint to dressing with ease. Over 100 outfits from just 33 items. Or my Smart Casual Capsule Collection for Plus Size – they are both only on a special rate for the time being with the coupon code CV19 
I’ve had lots of success stories with clients over the years who’ve bought into the capsule concept. Let me share just two with you today. 
My client (and now, good friend) Pam is a ‘buy it because I like it’ type shopper who ended up with tons of clothes but totally overwhelmed when it came to create an outfit. She’s now resolved this because she sticks to her colour palette and knows what styles and shapes suit her. “I felt lost when putting different items together to form an outfit…I could now probably grab items with my eyes shut and it wouldn’t look as bad an outfit as the jumbles I used to put together. Also, when I’m working away from home, I’m less stressed about what to take because I know what works. It means I don’t take all the ‘just in case’ things as well, so I travel lighter.” 
My sister had always been very much a ‘buy things as an outfit’ type person until I introduced her to the capsule way of putting clothes together. I did a wardrobe weed with her last summer and then helped her look at buying clothes that complement what she had left so they mixed and matched. She’d been struggling with her identity due to some life changes…“I went from feeling like I had let myself go and apathetic about my appearance to feeling strong, beautiful and more like me again.”She has gone a bit mad for teal though so I might have to visit and going shopping with her once we’re out of lockdown to get her in some other colours too – lol. 
So there you have it, if you’d like a less cluttered wardrobe that contains fewer clothes but more choice, so that you don’t have that head in hands, what shall I wear moment all the time give my capsule collection concept a go. 
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Lisa Newport : image consultant and colour geek. I work with savvy women helping you express your identity and hone the language of colour, image, and style. I'm an experienced trainer and can be booked to speak and deliver workshops face to face and online get in touch with me 
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