As with clothing styles some shapes and styles of swimwear will help you feel more confident if there are parts of your body that you would prefer to disguise. Certain cuts and styles are going to enhance your assets too.This content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page. 
If you are looking for swimwear, the shops are starting to get stock in for the summer, buy early as they tend to sell out quickly especially online, in my experience. Here are a few tips for you… 
• Invest in bra sized swimwear if you are well endowed 
• Solid colour side panels give the illusion of a smaller middle 
• Mix and match tops and bottoms to suit your body shape 
• Shorts styles can make your legs look shorter/wider 
• Strapless and bandeau styles are best for smaller boobs and shoulders 
• Wide straps will make your shoulders look smaller 
• Heavily patterned tankini tops disguise spare tyres 
• Swim dresses are good for creating balance if your shoulders are wide 
• Triangle bikini tops and halter necks are good for column shapes 
• Brief skirts (all in one) are good if you are conscious of your hips/thighs 
What do you prefer? Bikini, tankini or one piece costume? Do you have a different preference depending on what you are doing in it? Swimming or lounging by a pool or on a beach. I go swimming and a swimming costume does feel more comfortable for lengths as I go up and down the pool. My alternative is a halter neck tankini; this pulls on the back of my neck though because of the weight of my boobs. The costume I used to have was not very flattering as the moulding was not the right size or shape for my bust. And here lies a problem that is fairly common according to my straw poll amongst women in the 40+ category. Good fitting and support seem to be exclusive to the more expensive brands of swimwear. 
Of the women who responded to my little survey bikinis were the most popular choice, followed by one pieces then tankinis. Most common complaints were about fit and durability. Some women were conscious of wobbles and scars. Kaftans and sarongs are popular cover ups. 
It seems that we are fairly reluctant to pay a premium price for a product that we see as only being worn occasionally. However, if you go on a sunbathing holiday you are probably going to spend a large proportion of your time wearing it. Would it not be a worthwhile investment purchase? If you bought one well fitting, comfortable, flattering cossie it would make you feel good and give you confidence around the pool. Surely that is better than having a couple from the supermarket that give you a squashed sausage boob and that you have to keep adjusting to avoid fallout. 
Disintegration is an issue, make sure you check before you put it in your suitcase that your elastic hasn’t perished over the winter and you have see through patches on your cossie. Chlorine rots the elastic. Apparently some swimwear is not meant to be worn in Jacuzzis, did you know that? I spent about £50 on a costume only for it be patchy and perished after a couple of wears. I complained to customer service and she asked if I’d tumble dried it. The next question was had I been in a hot tub in it…I had. Apparently it was not suitable for hot tub use. There was nowhere on the labels or packaging that said that so I got a refund, but really?? 
Check out the ranges at the following websites – Figleaves has a specialist sections including maternity and mastectomy. 
One thing is for certain, most people won’t be looking at you anyway because they’ll be too busy worrying about people looking at them. Enjoy your swimming or sunbathing and know that we are all different shapes and sizes, not even the women in the magazines look like the women in the magazines most of the time. 
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