I love my specs, I think of them as an accessory. If you're a long term face furniture wearer or it's just that your arms aren't quite long enough any more you might want to read my tips for making sure that your chosen spectacles are making an impcat for all the right reasons  
It’s important, as a glasses wearer, that you are happy with your choice. Especially if you need to wear them all the time. They need to suit you, your colouring, face shape, features and personality all need to be taken into consideration. There are so many styles to choose from its difficult to know where to start. 
I often get asked about how to choose glasses so I thought I’d share a few tips to help you next time you need a new pair. It does really can make a massive difference to your image and say a lot about your personality. 
Here are a few things to consider… 
1) Colour – choose to suit your colouring. A good tip is to pick out the colour of your eyes. Choose silver frames or cool colours if your skin has cool undertones (pinkish hue). Gold, tortoiseshell or warm colours if you have warm undertones to your skin. Think about the type of clothes you like to wear, do you prefer bright or muted colours in your wardrobe? Your specs will look better if they are harmonious.  
Also, consider light or dark frames, when you try them on are you wearing them or is the frame wearing you? If you have delicate, pretty features and light hair a pair of Harry Hill style glasses would be far too overpowering. 
2) Face shape – is your face wide or narrow? You do not want the sides of the glasses/arms (temple) to be stretched out or angled in. Ideally, the edge of the frame should be lined up so the temple goes to your ears at a right angle. If you have a wide face choose a light, less noticeable temple, narrower faces can wear heavy or more ornate ones. If your face is long deep frames will look best, short faces look best with a narrow, shallower frame, rimless or half rim. If you have a rounder face with soft features go for curved, rounded frames. Angular features look best with straight angular frames – mirror your natural shape. 
3) Eyes and nose – your pupils should sit centrally within the lenses, if you have wide set eyes choose wide frames with a wide, heavy bridge. Narrower, close set eyes look best with a lighter, wide bridge. A high bridge will elongate your nose so be wary if you have a long, pointy or hooked nose, choose a lower one. 
4) Personality and style – last but not least they need to reflect you and your personality and unique style. Think about your glasses being like an accessory, if you wear them all the time they need to fit all occasions and really reflect and say something about who you are. Don’t be swayed by fashion – know what suits you. 
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