I speak a lot, in my role as a colour and image consultant, about style personality and levels of dressing. 
Knowing your style personality is the key to understanding why you have all those unworn clothes languishing in the wardrobe. Some of them even with tags on. They looked great in the shop, you really like that shirt but every time you’ve tried it on to actually wear there’s something about it that is not quite right – and you can’t put your finger on what it is. I’ll put money on the fact that it is not aligned with your innate style personality. 
There are 6 main style personality types: classic, urbanista, dramatic, natural, romantic and creative. We usually fall into one category, perhaps with a secondary influence. The categories determine your tastes, whether you like fuss and frills or plain and simple, the types of fabrics you prefer, the styles and shapes, sometimes colours, types of patterns and designs etc. 
I have a free quiz that you can take which helps you get an idea of which style personality you might fall under. – Sign up for it here...style-personality-quiz 
Once you know which style personality you are your wardrobe starts to make sense. It’s easier for you to make informed choices when you go shopping, you save money because you no longer buy things that you won’t wear. You can create your own version of a capsule wardrobe and mix and match things more easily. You can create your own style recipe and all of a sudden getting dressed is less stressful. 
Once you’ve cracked this element of your style code you can start to think about levels of dressing. This is you, your personal style, but meeting different needs in terms of dressing up or down and having “comfydence”. I.e. being comfortable and confident in the situation/environment and meeting dress codes. 
When I work with clients on this we figure out their lifestyle needs in terms of clothes over an average week or month and assess the contents of their wardrobe. More often than not they don’t match up. e.g. if you spend most of your week at work in work wear or in leisure wear but your wardrobe contents are mainly weekend wear there is a mismatch. 
Think about what you have in your wardrobe and how you spend your time, your lifestyle and the type of clothes you need. Think about your typical week/month...break it down into % of time you spend wearing super casual, casual, smart casual, smart, dressy... compare that against the type of clothes filling your wardrobe – does it match % wise or mismatch? How many ‘levels of dressing’ do you have? 
Quite often we demote our clothes to super casual as they get a bit a tatty, they become the ‘that’ll do’ outfit that we slob around in but wouldn’t actually want anyone to see us wearing in public. This can impact on our state of mind and how we approach the day, take this to the nth degree and I’d suggest it can affect your self esteem. 
My suggestion would be that if you change into leisure wear when you get home after work make sure that is nice leisure wear that makes you feel good. Buy it especially for that after work, relaxing activity – if it’s pyjamas make sure they are nice ones. If you spend a large proportion of your life at work make sure that your work clothes are things that suit you in terms of style and shape and colour so that you feel good about getting dressed each morning,. If you look good in the mirror as you get ready each day you’ll feel more in your power and perform better. And surely that’s got to be a good thing? 
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