It’s February and our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day and all things romantic. But my question to you this week is do you LOVE yourself enough? And how do you show it? How many of us love ourselves (and I don’t mean in an arrogant, show off type of way)? 
Do you take good care of yourself? Do you look after yourself as if you’re a precious thing to be treasured? Nope? Thought not. 
I went swimming again this morning – first time in about 4 months. Swimming is one of things I do in an attempt to be kind to myself and I’ve not been very consistent of late. I know swimming is good for me; it enables me to exercise my achy joints in a non weight bearing way. I’d been going quite regularly but then I had a dramatic fall down the stairs. I missed a few sessions and got out of the habit, things got planned into my diary that clashed with the sessions I like to attend. (Sedate swimming with all the pensioners – sshhhh). Before I knew it, months had passed and I hadn’t got my cossie wet. 
So, while I was swimming (and feeling pleased with myself for making the effort) I got to thinking about other things that I enjoy but don’t make a priority. This is turn, got me thinking about the bigger picture and the self esteem and self worth thing...I got deep! 
Of course though, self image is what my business is all about and quite often women start to take more pride in their appearance generally, once I’ve helped them gain confidence. Sometimes this is about identity and finding their authentic style, sometimes it’s as simple as showing them which colours suit them best or how to apply eyeliner. 
How you look on the outside can massively impact how you feel on the inside and vice versa. I have had some mega success stories and seen women really flourish once I’ve given them a few pointers about colour and clothes. Confidence soars and they seem to perform at a different level in their businesses, image can be pivotal in taking you up to the next level of success. 
For me it’s important to get my hair cut regularly, my hair appointments are not negotiable. They are booked in every 6 weeks, in advance, without fail. I’ve been going to my lovely hairdresser Brian for over 20 years. My hair is very important to me and is a priority. I experiment myself with the colour and don’t like my wisdom highlights (aka grey hairs) to show. Every time I’ve been in hospital and bedridden after surgery, after the pain, my hair has always been my main concern! It’s horrendous when you can’t wash it for days on end – because it’s short you can’t even tie it up. My dear friend Richard brought me a pink turban one time.... 
Continuing with the caring for yourself theme, having a pampering session is always nice. In these busy times it seems like a treat but I don’t think it should be really. I caught myself thinking that the other day, I was doing the whole bath, face pack, exfoliating, eyebrow plucking thing and started to feel a bit guilty about spending time on myself! There were so many other things I could be doing. I had to have a word with myself! I feel horrible if I’ve got stubbly legs and armpits, dry skin on my feet and my roots need doing, why would I not want myself to feel nice? 
Other things that make me feel nice are not necessarily big things - it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Like crisp clean sheets when you get into bed at night, your favourite wine (instead of the one on offer), a phone call with someone you love, saying no to something you don’t want to do, putting your feet up and having a rest when you need it, stopping the negative self-talk and recognising your achievements... the list goes on. 
So my question to you in the run up to Valentine’s Day is how will you love yourself? And yes, I did think twice about using that phrase in case it was misconstrued, but then thought sod it! Self love comes in many forms. Wink, wink! 
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