'Be yourself, everyone else is taken.' Oscar Wilde Who are you? Do you feel like you really are showing up everyday and being yourself?  
Does your outer image say something about you and what you are really like on the inside - are you reflecting your personality in your clothes? Do you think it matters? 
My absolute worst nightmare would be to have to wear a uniform, with no room for individuality or creativity. I wouldn't feel like me. For some people that would not be an issue whatsoever, but to me what I wear and how I look is important.  
I don't really care what other people think about my purple hair or glittery nails or chunky wedge shoes or leopard print jacket...I LOVE them and that's all that matters - these things are very 'me'.  
What's very 'you'? Is it relaxed jeans and a t shirt? Do you feel best blending into the background? Do you like to make statement with your clothes or do you like to conform? It really doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose.  
I get lots of comments about my hair, other women admire my hair quite often, even strangers in shops. Several times now I've had people ask if they can take my photo so they can show it to their hairdresser to copy. Which is fine - I don't have a problem with it and take it as a compliment. But it probably won't look the same on them as it does on me, because it's part of my overall look and fits with my clothes, shoes, make up etc.  
Finding and understanding your own style is very liberating. When you know what colours and styles really suit you and make you look good you feel better. You can get dressed in the morning without any stress because you've nailed it - you know what works for you. What's right for you won't be quite right for anybody else - you'll have your own personal recipe. And when you feel confident that you are rocking your style it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks...so, learn what is right for you and set yourself free. 
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