Are you being kept prisoner by your clothes? Do you sometimes wish you looked different but feel scared to try anything new incase your friends or family think you look 'different'?  
Do you feel trapped because of you age or shape or size and think there are 'rules' that you should follow? Perhaps you feel young at heart but look old and frumpy before your time because of your 'age appropriate' clothes choices. These are all toxic, negative thoughts and are keeping you in an oppressive relationship with your clothes and self image - you are holding yourself prisoner. 
I've got good news!! It so does not need to be that way! If you take the time to really learn what suits you and makes you feel good, to understand why you like what you like and what flatters you properly and then to develop your own unique sense of style can set you free.  
Being your true, authentic self and letting your style speak for you can be very liberating and empowering. Imagine being able to really find yourself and know that every time you get dressed you not only feel good but look fabulous too.  
This is what I do in my work - I help set women free from the stuff that's been keeping them in their own style prison. When you look good, you feel fabulous and then you feel like you can conquer the world. 
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